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  1. Never mind, apparently in cataclysm dmg and armor scale with item level, so changing that will change dmg and armor
  2. Then which ones are they, how do i indentify them, what should i do ?
  3. Okay so i have set up the server(4.3.4) as instructed and it works, then i decided to make a custom item (weapon), and i have noticed that there are missing columns in the world.item_template and i have a bunch of unk columns in there, after searching the net for how to fix it, i found nothing, i am missing columns like dmg_min1 dmg_max1 same for 2 dmg columns and dmg_type1 and 2, armor and probably some more Here is the list of unks: Unk430_1, Unk430_2, stat_unk1_1, stat_unk2_1, stat_unk 1_2, stat_unk2_2, stat_unk1_3, stat_unk2_3, stat_unk1_4, stat_unk2_4, stat_unk1_5, stat_unk2
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