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  1. In order to support C++14 properly the required compiler versions of both branches since b9b667f92 are: Visual Studio 2017 GCC 6.3 (current stable version of Debian 9) Clang 3.9 (current stable version of Debian 9 - might work with earlier versions)
  2. CMake question

    CMake has a command which allows you to invoke the underlying make programm (nmake, make, ninja...) through cmake --build YOUR_CMAKE_DIRECTOY --config Release --target YOUR_TARGET
  3. Compile or cmake problems

    If you want to use the automatic script recompiler you must use the INSTALL target. otherwise it won't reinstall changed libraries. You don't have to do additional stuff when you use the INSTALL target.
  4. Compile or cmake problems

    -> https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/IRC Probably you'll receive better help in the IRC. What's in your TrinityCore directory?
  5. Compile or cmake problems

    AppData isn't a good location for the source and build dir (also because your path contains spaces) -> Move it into the first depth of C:// -> C://TrinityCore and C://TrinityCoreBuild
  6. What Nay meant is that you should have left the path empty because it uses the correct path for your machine then.
  7. You are probably using an unsupported fork of TC, the current database contains > 1000+ applied world updates (and most of it are already included in the world db). Yours contains 15 as the screenshot shows. Also I can't imagine how the current codebases could lead to the issues you are describing. Are you using seperate databases for world/auth/hotfix and char?
  8. You can also try to just create the databases manually, the updater will import the base and update sqls then
  9. Compile or cmake problems

    You don't need to downgrade any MSVC version... Make sure you created the boost environment var which needs to point to your boost root dir. Also make sure you use the CMake x64 generator and the matching x64 dev openssl libraries. Seems like you mixed x32 and x64.
  10. MySQL Server 5.7

    MariaDB 10.1 works very well with TC, but it's not official supported though. Maybe it's an alternative to MySQL 5.7 for you...
  11. Drop your databases and run the worldserver again, the server will create and update every database correctly for you.
  12. Maybe you provide more information how you fixed it so other users that encounter the same issue can solve it too.
  13. [SOLVED]worldserver error

    Delete your build directory and re-create it, and follow the "Configuring and generating Visual C++ solutions with CMake" steps in the wiki.
  14. [SOLVED]worldserver error

    Try to re-create your build directory.
  15. [SOLVED]worldserver error

    Could you upload your CMakeCache.txt and revision_data.h please? (You'll find it in your build directory).