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  1. RedSonja

    MySQL Server 5.7

    Thank you.
  2. RedSonja

    MySQL Server 5.7

    What are the chances that MySQL server 5.7 will be included anytime soon? I am just wondering.
  3. RedSonja

    [SOLVED]Fresh install worldserver error

    The same thing happened to me over and over. Are you pulling your libmysql.dll from your MySQL/lib folder?
  4. RedSonja

    Update failed.

    I finally got it to work, I must have uninstalled and reinstalled MySQL Server 20 times. Thanks for the help. I do appreciate it.
  5. RedSonja

    Update failed.

    Ok all clean and fresh clone to be safe, rev. 258368a Now I get this. I posted all 3 logs. I have never had this many problems with doing this before, really confused as to what to do next. Have always been able to create dbs and now this, suggestions please. Thank you in advance.
  6. RedSonja

    Update failed.

    Ok last question then, does the full sql have to be in the same folder with the repo sqls? And thank you so much for clearing this up for me a lot has changed since I updated last.
  7. RedSonja

    Update failed.

    So you no longer have to run the TDB_Full_335.61_2016_04_11.sql first and then let it run?
  8. RedSonja

    Update failed.

    I am running Win10 Revision pulled today 4a07ca for 335 Fresh New Dbs As you can see it ran the updates fine for Auth and Char dbs. But the World will not run, no matter how many times I redo it. Would appreciate it if someone could let me know what I did wrong please. The only things I put in were the fullworldsql like your suppose to and the base for auth and char. Then I have the configs setup to run the updates. Compile went fine no problems there, so I can't figure how why this will not run. I know it should. Server.log
  9. Ok not sure what is going on. for 4.3.4 I have totally different. DBC = 333 Maps = 2816 Vmaps i keep getting error exit with errors, and no vmaps in folder at all Have not run MMaps I did cmake w/tools for the maps extracters and used them in the client folder then ran the wow.exe, like it says. ran the mapextracter.exe then the mkevmaps_simple.bat Is there something I missed? I never had this trouble with 3.3.5.
  10. another question, how many maps, vmaps and dbc items are there suppose to be in each one? seems my vmaps are missing parts.
  11. Could the Wiki possibly be updated to reflect what files from TC repo that need to be used in order to have a working repo? Could you possibly let me know what files will be needed, as I re-did the whole thing again last nite and get the same error again, so I am thinking like your saying Aokromes there must be missing files. I just need to know what ones are required for it to work properly please. Thank you in advance.
  12. That was what I thought at first to, so I re-downloaded the 434 db. I followed the how to and then cloned the 434 branch. Funny thing is when the auth server console is up it says, TrinityCore rev. a5a6799b4e46. Yet the clone was done today on rev. adc463b46b. The compile went fine, No I had not uncommented the #Logger.sql.driver=3,Console Server. I have now done that and still getting nothing. I am going to dump the whole thing and try again in a day or two. Thank you for your help, I will let you know if I get it to work or not either way. OMG I found it,and feel stupid, when I did the clone it was one the 434 page, but it cloned the master. Will fix and let you know. This could be what happened to RoleBackTime too.
  13. The SQLDriverLogfile says absolutely nothing at all. As for the 12340, I even dumped the db and redid it 3 times came out the same each time. Ports are open not sure what is wrong. Will mess with it more tomorrow.