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  1. By using a sniffer (it captures network packets between the client and server) while connected to an official server.
  2. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  3. One issue we had tabs is that more people than expected simply missed them and could not find the guide for the other OSs. Anyway, I can see that expandable text working for small portions, not entire pages. If we had a single page for all the OSs, would the texts in the expandables be short excerpts or the whole thing?
  5. That seems to be the opinion of someone that is removing his/her stuff from Github.
  6. WPP does not have a "data model" for packets atm. That's more or less what needs to be done... except that the same packet can have different representations across client versions.
  7. The "new" text output won't have to be the same and it will break stuff (but that's on the people that assumed that non-formatted text is safe to be consumed).
  8. I didn't mean to say that it didn't provide value, au contraire, tools like this are absolutely needed. However, imo, relying on the fragile text output format of WPP is insane; it will change and it does not matter the client version. The time spent implementing the text parsers could be used to change WPP so that it can output in a better format. @Polaretto is working on changing this so let's help him
  9. Oh noes, parsing arbitrary text That is going to break at any minor change to current WPP output format...
  10. That seems fine. The problem is probably in one of the DLLs that you copied to the worldserver directory.
  11. Compile with Visual Studio.
  12. Somewhere, somehow, you are mixing 32 bit vs 64 bit DLLs. Can you post your CMake output?
  13. Removed? Everything is on 3.3.5, 4.3.4, 6.x and now 7.x
  14. The recommended way to change compilers is by using the CC and CXX environment variable, which CMake respects. $ export CC=/usr/bin/clang $ export CXX=/usr/bin/clang++ $ cmake .. -- The C compiler identification is Clang -- The CXX compiler identification is Clang Everyone has edit access to the wiki (however -DCMAKE_C_COMPILER shouldn't be there).