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  1. Either im doing something wrong or there is something wrong with the lastest commits to Master branch. Fully updated, and everything is as it shall be, but I get the error seen in the .txt doc. This is newest commits as of today 19. february. >> Applying update "2018_02_08_00_world.sql" 'BACDF70'... Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure. ERROR 1264 (22003) at line 1: Out of range value for column 'RaceMask' at row 1 Server.txt
  2. Hi Im trying to extract maps with a 7.3.5 (25928) client. Is this not yet supported? Im getting all kind of errors.
  3. Okay, I see this all the time in the commits, but I have no clue what it is. PCH Build Non-PCH Build Fix NoPCH. Prolly a stupid question, but what is PCH?
  4. As title says, has it been dropped? I cant find them anymore.
  5. I got a proud moment. Ive managed to setup both a 3.3.5 and 6.x server on the same computer, with them running on Hyper-V VMs. Im totally clueless when it comes to programming, and i have never tried anything with VMs. But its working Compiles on the "base" computer, and then runs on VMs. Good feeling when it all works I bet its possible to run 2 databases on the same MySQL, but I dont know how to. Thats why i went with VM solution.
  6. I have just solved it. It dident know the path because it could not find it on the compile computer. I copied the MySQL/BIN folder with the MySQL.exe to the same place on the compile computer as it is on the server computer. Now it knows the path when i move it over to the server computer.
  7. Do I really have to install MySQL on the computer where i compile, for it to be able to know where to find it on my server computer?
  8. So I got my MySQL on one computer, and my VS/Git/CMake on another. I pull, CMake and compile in VS on 1 computer, then copy the Release files to my server. My problem is that my worldserver cant find the MySQL executable. In the revision_data.h file I can see that it says: R"(MYSQL_EXECUTABLE-NOTFOUND)". I dont have MySQL installed on my compile computer, only the .lib files. How can I make it see the MySQL executable?
  9. Guess my link is an old one? https://community.trinitycore.org/files/
  10. Is there an alternate download site/page for the databases? The main one is Down atm
  11. Hi I was wondering if there is a pride issue related to fixing errors/problems that have bounties attached to them? Are there developers who dont want to be "that guy" who did something for a payment? I cant fix those problems, I wish I could. Some of them seem to be in the easy department. Or are the bounties to small to make any movement for those problems? Just wondering.
  12. As title says: Is the 3.3.5a branch fully VS 2015 compatible, or should I stay with VS 2013 for a while longer?
  13. As title says: Will the 6.x branch become 7.x when new expansion comes? Or will it stay as 6.x and TC wont proceed to next expansion?
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