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  1. Right, Thanks! I've seen that Master supports just wanted to know if it also supports the client 5.4.8. Now it became clear 5.4.8 uses same data storage system that 3.3.5 and 7.3.2 use the Casc System. Sorry for the topic, I do not know how I post this, I should have rethought before in the obvious.
  2. NOTE: Okay, I'm not good at "English" I use a translator. For several years I have been following the development and growth of TrintyCore I saw how much it grew and became. >> If there is a topic that relates to this post let me know, I have not found it. << My question is the same as the title of the topic suggests, I observed one or two topics on the client 4.3.4, is it certain that Master supports 4.3.4 and the client version 5.4.8 is supported? Is there any database project for 5.4.8? For over a year I have not seen repacks for this version, sure that further increases my doubt! Thanks for all!
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