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Found 16 results

  1. I made 2 realms, one for 2.4.3, one for 3.3.5 but for some reason when I try to connect to the 3.3.5 realm I'm getting this error in the cosole: WorldSocket::HandleAuthSession: Client *my home pc's ip is here* requested connecting with realm id 22 but this realm has id 2 set in config. I also get this in-game: The game server you have chosen is currently down. Use the Change Realm button to choose another Realm. The Auth.exe that I use is by OregonCore 2.4.3 for both, but Oregon is 50-60% TrinityCore. When I use the auth.exe by TrinityCore the same problem occurs in the 2
  2. Just finished download & compile fresh trinitycore 4.3.4 From : https://gitlab.com/trinitycore/TrinityCore_434/tree/4.3.4 Creating World database from : https://github.com/TrinityCoreLegacy/TrinityCore/releases Downloading the lasted one & create new database named World Navigate to my repo applying sql/updates/world/4.3.4 Trying to apply all updates but an error occurred while applying updates And if i don't apply all updates the world is totally bugged and items/creature are missing. Please help
  3. Blink teleports through walls. Mage "Blink" Spell Bugged - Spell Behavior: -Goes through landhills, bumps in the ground or upward hill-climb. The player ends up falling down under/behind the map. -Generating & Replacing old Cameras, maps, vmaps & mmaps did not help fix the issue. -Does NOT go through objects, wall-objects, etc. -When cast at a long staircase, the spell casts itself with the visual effect, and the player gets re-oriented one tiny micro-step backwards. (I assume this is normal behavior). On a final note.. Blink was bugge
  4. Hello! Whenever I want to open authserver or worldserver (I'm at 335 branch) it automatically closes but before that showing some error like Cannot open ... My files:
  5. i dont know how to resolve this, i think i did everything as it was written in the installation tutorial and also i tried disabling firewall and antivirus
  6. NOTE: Okay, I'm not good at "English" I use a translator. For several years I have been following the development and growth of TrintyCore I saw how much it grew and became. >> If there is a topic that relates to this post let me know, I have not found it. << My question is the same as the title of the topic suggests, I observed one or two topics on the client 4.3.4, is it certain that Master supports 4.3.4 and the client version 5.4.8 is supported? Is there any database project for 5.4.8? For over a year I have not seen repacks for this version, sure that further increase
  7. Hello once again community! Thanks for all ur help so far, it's really appreciated.. I'll pull out another hand to get caught! ... So my problem is that I can easy buff / nerf a creature npc through World.conf and edit the rates on HP, AP damage, melee damage and so on... Look at: Uploaded Images to see an example! So my question is am I able to burf nerf specific creature spell to do less / more dmg and how so? An example could be Razorscale's Devouring Flame! Thanks guys
  8. Hello community. Since I can only understand coding and not write them yet, have I decided to make a YouTube-channel where I'm making videos of TrinityCore. The reason I do this is to point out some of the mistakes that TrinityCore contains so you may correct them. Since I had problems before with making my own compiled TrinityCore server I was required to post here on the website. I was very quickly surprised by the help I received, even knowing that I was a beginner. So I wanted to give something in return. Since I have a good circle of friends who loves to play on my new
  9. Server configuration. Ubunt-16,04-x86_64 CPU frequency 2400 MHz RAM 3072 MiB Number of processors 3 HDD 92160 MiB (8445 MiB is used) Traffic is unlimited. 100mb channel ========================== Created the server. Online ran 7 bodies (including me) at all stable ping 50-70 There is almost no load on the servo. Busy almost always 500MB of RAM from 3g. I start the server through the screen. What changed. Made server currency through the already available. I deleted the square that gave this currency. Sometimes when you learn skills, there is a pause in 1 second or even 5. The whole server comp
  10. I installed and configured the trinity core on this instruction: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Installation+Guide when i write in ssh ./worldserver , i get(img): i have 3 days can not solve this problem, plz help me)
  11. Hello, I have a question about the hotfixes table. Does overriding the data of client-side ID's of the corresponding DB2 get overridden by the hotfixes table? Or is it just for new entries? If so, is technically every DB2 editable server-side then or is it just the ones present in the database? Thank you.
  12. honor is bugged on legion trinitycore how can i fix it or how can i make it like when players login honor talents be maxed? sorry for english i am making some server and will post every bugs but for this issue please help me som1 <3 thanks alot i even cant add honor with commands
  13. I am using 2.4.3 Core So i am getting the erros while some players are playing normal and server stucks .. after it i get disconect, so when i try to login it stays on " CONNECTED " and if i press cancel i will get a window to choose realm and i choose it again .. but nothing same sh!t .. Those are the rashes -> OR LINK - > https://s17.postimg.org/3yogz1827/SERVER_CRASH.png And i copied them - > curtime 60495296 unsigned int - this 0x10303d80 {m_loops=0 m_lastchange=0 w_loops=88026 ...} FreezeDetectorRunnable * - ACE_Based::Runnabl
  14. i am new to wow and trinitycore. trying to get a high-level overview of trinitycore. looks like they have two branches - 3.3.5 and 6.x. presuming the branches coorispond to the wow client version you are running? can't seem to find a simple breakdown of how it all works. is branch v3 easier to configure than v6? i got v6 working on a fedora box, but this newest patch 6.2.4 blew it up. getting that version mismatch error. not looking for support, just an overview. a link would work.
  15. I just compiled the 6.x server and bnetserver and worldserver is running, the address in realmlist is set to and my config is set to "SET portal """, everything is setup right, but when I launch the game and login I get stuck on "connected" my game is 6.2.3 20886 and I have the latest version of the 6.x since I compiled it an hour ago
  16. ####### English Version ######## Hello Everyone!. I am requesting a script to change username in php, someone would be so kind as to contribute?. Thanks in advance ###### Version EspaƱol ###### Hola a todos. Estoy necesitando un codigo php para cambiar el nombre de usuario, alguno podria aportarlo? se los agradeceria mucho. saludos! Version: TrinityCore 3.3.5a.
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