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  1. I unfortunately had to find out that there are no bags for the profession of leather processing in the current database for 3.3.5. Is that also the case with you? Can someone who has this available as SQL? Greetz PhaseV
  2. Hello, would anyone know if there is an XML OR JSON file with all the class spells from section 3.3.5a? If not, would you know how to inform the procedure on how to extract this information from the game client, or some way faster than Web Scraping?
  3. So I got a new Trinity Core server up and running. For the life of me I can not get my client to connect. I have edited the Data\enUS\realmlist.wtf to point to my server. I have confirmed that the firewalls are open to both 8085 and 3724. When I open the wow.exe client I use my credentials and it immediately goes to Downloading Update screen and sits at 0%. I have also added set patchlist to my server thinking that might help and still no go. I downloaded the client from warmane as mentioned in this thread: Did I miss a step on patching the wow.exe file? I know on the new master
  4. I'm having a problem with a number of factions not getting the flag "at war" in the reputation tab, and this is unable to be selected by the player. Currently, this is with The Oracles, as my character has their reputation with Frenzyheart. The problem occurs when one of two opposing factions is chosen as the positive reputation one. That said, Bloodsail Buccaneers seems to work fine. I did a search on how to fix this, and found this on the TrinityCore issues tracker: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/9469 (specifically https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/946
  5. Hello, Sorry if my question is not in the right category. Since a few days I started in TrinityCore v3.3.5, I currently encounter a small problem of which I still have a solution. I realized there was almost no titanium vein in icecrown. How can I implement them? Thanks for your help
  6. Hello Community, Through this channel, I would like to report an error finding of the emulator, for which I would like to know the real cause of the error. I leave the screenshot of the windows server 2012 R2 event viewer. Nombre de la aplicación con errores: worldserver.exe, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x5b14917c Nombre del módulo con errores: worldserver.exe, versión:, marca de tiempo: 0x5b14917c Código de excepción: 0xc0000005 Desplazamiento de errores: 0x00000000014afabc Identificador del proceso con errores: 0xe4c Hora de inicio de la ap
  7. I am currently trying to add another realm to my server. I have set up 2 new world and characters DB and copied SQL tables over from the first realm. I copied the first realm files (/server) and made a new folder called (/server2). I changed the worldserver.conf to new ports 8086 and added the new dbs to it. I've also tried to change the SOAP port from 7878 to 7879 and turning it off. When I turn on the worldserver for the second realm, it crashes and tells me it can't bind to port 7878 since it's in use from the first realm. I run auth and worldserver from th
  8. Hi guys, i compiled my server under linux and i saw the thing about needing a connection patcher for my client (that needs to be compiled under windows) so i compiled my project on windows too but i can't find the connection patcher, it is nowhere to be seen !
  9. Server configuration. Ubunt-16,04-x86_64 CPU frequency 2400 MHz RAM 3072 MiB Number of processors 3 HDD 92160 MiB (8445 MiB is used) Traffic is unlimited. 100mb channel ========================== Created the server. Online ran 7 bodies (including me) at all stable ping 50-70 There is almost no load on the servo. Busy almost always 500MB of RAM from 3g. I start the server through the screen. What changed. Made server currency through the already available. I deleted the square that gave this currency. Sometimes when you learn skills, there is a pause in 1 second or even 5. The whole server comp
  10. I've run my own TC 3.3.5 server on Ubuntu for some time for just playing around on. Recently I discovered more difficulty rebuilding it though. ...so I put a little effort into a little Dockerised automated build as a fall-back plan in case I could no longer build and run it on my preferred host. I thought I would share it here in case anybody else finds it useful. * https://github.com/neechbear/trinitycore * https://github.com/neechbear/trinitycore/blob/master/GettingStarted.md Comments and contributions are welcomed.
  11. Hi all! I have few question about Trinity in "general", and about Isle of Conquest. I have already installed Trinity (3.3.5b for starters), and as i see IoC didn't work (i see timer 2:30:00 thats all). As i see on github there is a branch "3.3.5 battleground rewrite". I want to test it tomorrow, but maybe someone can say something about it? How it works? Or its a "dev" branch and works unstable? If it works good, can i merge it manually or maybe already exists some "magical" commands to apply this "patch" to 3.3.5b main branch? I am learning C++ and love wow, and for me its a
  12. For a very long time i've tried to figure out how MiscValue works in spell.dbc, but no matter what i always run into a wall and no one knows. Now i wanna learn how you find the misc value for a spell. Lets say i have a spell that increases critical strike, i want to know what the misc id is for this and where it can be found, or attack speed. Pretty much what im trying to do is a spell that increases overall crit chance in % and to do that i need the misc Value.
  13. Hello, I'm wondering if there is a program to allow me to view the spell.db file, After looking at "how to fix spells" guides It mentions I have to enter my spell.db file, But without an editor or a file that allows me to open this file, Its kind of difficult. If anyone could post a link to a program that will allow me to do so, I'd be grateful. Thank you.
  14. I don't know if this is a bug (or a bug that can be easily fixed) but if you are in game and set your health/energy to a number. i..e .mod hp/energy xxx, when you level or have a debuff applied to you the hp/energy is reset to the normal values dependent on level and armor that you are currently wearing. obviously this doesnt bode well when fighting a boss or whatever. Wanted to see if there was currently something to prevent this from happening?
  15. testing out northshire area for human and all the quests so far - all the mobs appear to be neutral (see screenshots). Shouldn't they be aggressive to attack on site?
  16. I am trying to insert some bags into my equipped slots and for some reason its not working. http://www.wowhead.com/item=23162/forors-crate-of-endless-resist-gear-storage Please see screenshots to where I can locate them into the database and using https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/character_inventory# for the docs. Here I attempt to put this item into slot 20 in my character_inventory table with the unique key from wowhead and from the database. When i launch the game the only bag i have is the default backpack. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!
  17. Is there a comprehensive 3.3.5 list of boss ids with their name counterparts? I couldn't find it in the database at all. I find it odd that the 'Creature' table doesnt include it. Where are the names stored for their respective unique id? I am wanting to play around with the boss hp and loot tables(increase percentage of certain drops). Incidentally i see the creature_loot_template table but don't see how thats tied to any particular mob. How do you look at the db and tie loot drops to bosses?
  18. Just got everything working and running properly! woot! But there is an issue - there is no subtlety tab in the character pane(please see screenshot) and as a result (assuming) i cannot stealth. Any pointers on whats going on here?
  19. Hello, im trying to change the Text that a boss say when u enter in the room. For Example when u enter in Lord Marrowgar room, he say something like: Hello im ur father.. I already change the text in the creature_text & broadcast_text but it still showing the Default Msg. and in the console i get this error: "DoZoneInCombat called for creature that has empty threat list (creature entry = 36612)".. Obviously the String of the chat is filled with "Hello im ur father." Any idea? Thanks. Solved.
  20. Hey there, I am trying to compile a fresh copy of 3.3.5 TC but it will not work. I have very little knowledge in this area and thus I am asking for help after trying to figure it out for 2 days. I am using Visual Studio 13 with update 5. I am have tried using boost 1.59 as well as 1.60 for visual studio 2013. I am running Windows 10. I have also tried compiling with Visual Studio 10 but same problem. Basically I clone the latest revision, run it through cMake, configure, generate and so on, and that part works just fine, the problem is the actual compiling. All the progr
  21. Hello! I had a question regarding the Sons of Hodir reputation entry in the database. It didn't seem like an issue since it's working correctly in game, so I didn't want to open anything on GitHub, but I do want to understand how it works just so I can wrap my brain around it. On my server, I have a character who is somewhere into Honored with the Sons of Hodir. When I look in the character_reputation table in the database, though, their faction standing is set to 51175, which if I'm not mistaken is somewhere above the reputation cap. Other factions seem to work as I would expect the
  22. Hi, System: Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.2 I have followed this guide: https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/10515-howto-compile-trinitycore-on-mac-os-x-using-homebrew/ to build Trinity. My build succeeded after a tweak of myself (changing mysql path). First issue occurred: What did I actually just build? Some kind of Trinity base that is necessary no matter if I want to run 3.3.5 or 6.x? If it does matter, how could I chose JUST to install 3.3.5, I couldn't find that in the guide. Anyway, my build succeeded and I went straight into the next step (server setup): https://trinityco
  23. Hi, I recently got a 3.3.5 server running on Mac OS. I would like to set up a second, independent realm now (selectable via realmlist menu inside WoW). What are the necessary steps to achieve it? I cannot simply copy everything, because the worldserver after copying, still refers to the same worldserver.conf. I searched the forums and couldn't find something helpful therefore I would appreciate a bit more detailed answer, as it might be useful for other user later aswell. Thanks in advance !
  24. Hey there everyone, so I looked all around the web to see if anybody else has had this issue I am experiencing but i have come up empty on the search. Basically what is happening is every few days (2-3) the local_broadcast_texts and local_page_text and serveral other "local" tables are increasing in size at a rate that clearly is not normal. We always keep our DB update and have long been using trinity core with out issue, so such an issue is quite odd to us. Starting with a fresh DB is not an option because of all of our work, so i was hoping someone here could point me in the direction to f
  25. Rouge's poisons are dissapearing after a arena, but only the ones who are in the bag, how can I fix this problem? I'm not even sure of how to get to the arena code here, any help will be apreciated. I'm not sure what REV the server I'm playin in uses (Already ask'd just tmie to get the answer) but if we have to make a guess lets say its the latest. Can someone identify why this bug might happend?
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