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  1. Hello again, i think many peoples have this question, but afraid to ask. I tried google it but didnt found something about it. My question is: how works geo-data on trinity? I mean, herbs or mine deposits. Their quantity on map is scalable from players online on this map or not? Lets say i am one on Borean Tundra, how many deposit's i can find? All what i see in DB? Or only 5% from it? It's not problem for me add more deposits or herbs on locations, just want know how system is work Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I have few question about Trinity in "general", and about Isle of Conquest. I have already installed Trinity (3.3.5b for starters), and as i see IoC didn't work (i see timer 2:30:00 thats all). As i see on github there is a branch "3.3.5 battleground rewrite". I want to test it tomorrow, but maybe someone can say something about it? How it works? Or its a "dev" branch and works unstable? If it works good, can i merge it manually or maybe already exists some "magical" commands to apply this "patch" to 3.3.5b main branch? I am learning C++ and love wow, and for me its a super new experience so don`t beat me What is a general problem exist now in Trinity? I mean maybe some Battlegrounds works very bad, or maybe arena, or PVE Instance on 70-80 lvl? Where is a worst places in Trinity? Its impossible to read all issues, but its possible to ask you as people with experience which work and play on it many years or maybe? Another question, about "Anti-Cheat", as i know cheats works very well on many TOP-Public servers like WowCircle, or Dalaran-WoW. Btw i dont know any servers where "Gagarin" didnt work (maybe there is another custom core or cmangos or something else... but it works very well...so it exist "Antichit" or now? And how i can enable and use it? Sorry for many questions. And sorry for my bad english. BTW: soon i give to many good bug reports (ofc not duplicate) about 3.3.5b.
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