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  1. Mhh, ok anyways, my questions do remain...
  2. Hi, I was playing on the "Elysium Project" realm recently (running Vanilla WoW there) and was wondering about the used software and infrastructural setup. The server is apparently based on TrinityCore (at least this is what they state on their recruiting page: looking for developers with in-depth TrinityCore knowledge) and usually more than 15k people are connected at the same time (both factions combined). Do they really run just one worldserver and a authserver on dedicated machines and TrinityCore can handle all these players in "one terminal process"? Or did they modify the core into separated nodes, e.g. separate worldserver per continent, battleground, instance etc. Most certainly you people can only make assumptions, but I would like to hear them anyway.
  3. I have an answer to one thing for sure: You can extract the maps wherever you want and copy them to the server/computer afterwards. I have extracted them on my Mac and copied them to Ubuntu later.
  4. Port correctly set in database and config files? Do you see the realmlist with your realm written in red or it disconnects you instantly?
  5. · Configure CMake by doing cmake ../ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/home/<username>/<server name> -DCONF_DIR=/home/<username>/<server name>/etc -DTOOLS=1 -DWITH_WARNINGS=1 · Build the source. This process may take a few hours to complete; depends a lot on your hardware. make · Finalizing the source make install
  6. I don't want to open a new thread for it, but I think I found a tiny bug: If you melee hit sitting or laying targets, the crit chance should be 100%. I tried it yesterday and I didn't critical hit all the time. It is certainly just a little fix in the code... where do I have to look to change it?
  7. Sure! I still don't know why it executes it directly, if you add -DTOOLS=1 in the end, but it doesn't matter. First your run the complete cmake stuff written in the tutorial and after your run again cmake with just -DTOOLS=1 as parameter Extractors are located in the /bin/ folder of your builded realm You use them by doing this: cd /Users/<your directory>/<realm directory>/ mkdir data cd data mkdir buildings vmaps mmaps <path of the mapextractor> -i <path to wow client root directory> <path of the vmap4extractor> -l -d <path to wow client root directory>/Data <path of the vmap4assembler> buildings vmaps <path of the mmaps_generator> If anything is unclear, post here :)
  8. I solved it on my own - if someone is interested in the answer, here is my way of doing it: -Multiple realm creation- · Re-run the CMake configuration step and change INSTALL_PREFIX to a destination of your choice. The directory specified there, will be the 'home'-directory of the new realm. · Make sure to add -DTOOLS=1 to the configuration again, as you need to start an own worldserver for each realm · Run 'xcodebuild -target install -config Release' in terminal · Create own world_<your Realm> and characters_<your Realm> database via MySQL (I modified the provided create_database.sql file) and import the .sql files, like when setting up the first realm (download TDB for world database and use .sql from 'base'-folder for characters database) · Add your new realm in the auth database inside the realmlist table · Go to the 'etc' folder of your new realm and customize the worldserver.conf fitting to your new realm -> realmID must be set, database logon information, port (must differ from other realms), data directory (maps etc.), [...] · You can delete the authserver.conf, if you want to use the authserver from your first realm. Only one authserver must run for all realms to handle authentication. · Start up worldserver in each 'bin' folder of your realms · Start up authserver in the 'bin' folder of the realm of your choice (where you have configured authserver.conf correctly)
  9. Hi, I recently got a 3.3.5 server running on Mac OS. I would like to set up a second, independent realm now (selectable via realmlist menu inside WoW). What are the necessary steps to achieve it? I cannot simply copy everything, because the worldserver after copying, still refers to the same worldserver.conf. I searched the forums and couldn't find something helpful therefore I would appreciate a bit more detailed answer, as it might be useful for other user later aswell. Thanks in advance !
  10. The problem is solved. This can be closed now.
  11. Hey, I know that you can e.g. create accounts inside the worldserver console. Does a list of all available commands (for worldserver console and GM inside game) exist?
  12. Hi, System: Mac OS El Capitan 10.11.2 I have followed this guide: https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/10515-howto-compile-trinitycore-on-mac-os-x-using-homebrew/ to build Trinity. My build succeeded after a tweak of myself (changing mysql path). First issue occurred: What did I actually just build? Some kind of Trinity base that is necessary no matter if I want to run 3.3.5 or 6.x? If it does matter, how could I chose JUST to install 3.3.5, I couldn't find that in the guide. Anyway, my build succeeded and I went straight into the next step (server setup): https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Server+Setup Now a few new problems appear for me: I should extract Vmps, MMaps using Trinity extractors. At first DTOOLS=1 was not set, because it was not mentioned in the guide above. I tried to re-run the 'CMake-Config-Thing' but after adding -DTOOLS=1 at the end of the parameter list and paste it into the console it executes it directly... apparently without using the last parameter. If I add -DTOOLS=1 somewhere inside, it also executes everything directly but leaving out the last parameter which is then of course "-DWITH_WARNINGS=1". Why does the console executes it directly? How do I install/build the extractors and where to find them afterwards and how to use 'em? In the guide it says "unknown makro: 'localtabgroup'", I guess the wiki page is somehow corrupt? Well, I was going through this tutorial because I have no idea and now something essentiell is missing -.- For the moment my build succeeded, but I don't know if it contains everything necessary and whether its prepared for 3.3.5, 6.x or both of them. Which are the next steps from now on to get me past WoW Login Screen? I hope someone can help me out! I'd suppose a lot of people encountered similar problems and might have fixed them already. Thanks in advance, chakuze
  13. I have read the answer of Shin to this post, but I don' really understand it. You said: xcodebuild -target install -config Release So it is not possible to just build 3.3.5? Which one is built if I use this 'general' command? I had a problem building it the first time, because mysql was in another path. I used -DMYSQL_LIBRARY=/usr/local/lib/libmysqlclient.20.dylib \ and the build succeeded. Was it the correct file? I mean it obviously succeeded, but there was another mysql file in the folder 'libmysqlclient.dylib' which might have been also ok; I just picked the 20 first and wanted to try the other if it fails again...
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