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  1. Its not broken for me, and yes i did. It says unable to connect to realm server
  2. Those ports are open when Trinity Core is running, but when it isn't they are not open... is that a bad sign? It is a legitimate dedicated, so there should be no need to open ports, correct? I also get this error, now that i changed to a DNS.
  3. EDIT: There i fixed it for the Developer, somehow i was advertising.. I notice why though, because it included my servers name. My bad... Hey guys i recently migrated a new dedicated server from a VPS so i can continue working on something and i have ran into a snag... The server is running fine, it loads up super fast, but whenever someone tries to login it gets stuck at "Connected" after you select the realm, what could possibly cause this issue? Configs: Authconfig http://pastebin.com/aiBE2jvC <- World Config, too big to put on AC-Web
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