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  1. Hello, would anyone know if there is an XML OR JSON file with all the class spells from section 3.3.5a? If not, would you know how to inform the procedure on how to extract this information from the game client, or some way faster than Web Scraping?
  2. how do I find the algorithm (or code, or formula, I do not know) of the Shield slam of the warrior? Where do I find out how much threat each skill generates?
  3. Hello everyone, excuses if I'm speaking in the wrong place, but I'm desperate. In the server where I play (3.3.5a) the warrior tank is with a damage default, it is threat (the Slam shield is very low damage), it can not hold the ground like other tanks, I am having difficulty proving that I am Sure, several people are complaining about the same thing where I play, but the GM asks me to be taser like this: How is it working? How should it work? I know the damage of the warrior is very low, but I do not know how I prove that I am right. My server is based on TrinityCore, but they do not update officially for years, always make updates on their own.
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