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Found 8 results

  1. Server configuration. Ubunt-16,04-x86_64 CPU frequency 2400 MHz RAM 3072 MiB Number of processors 3 HDD 92160 MiB (8445 MiB is used) Traffic is unlimited. 100mb channel ========================== Created the server. Online ran 7 bodies (including me) at all stable ping 50-70 There is almost no load on the servo. Busy almost always 500MB of RAM from 3g. I start the server through the screen. What changed. Made server currency through the already available. I deleted the square that gave this currency. Sometimes when you learn skills, there is a pause in 1 second or even 5. The whole server comp
  2. Hello, i have one question. How make battleground from 2 people?
  3. Hi! Few weeks ago has been created a project: www.wowgaming.org It's a WoW resource pool (Db search, wiki, addons etc) subdivided by expansion that currently support wotlk 3.3.5a All information inside are stored with original data from that specific game version. It's totally Free and Open Source alternative to (dead?) OpenWoW site! Please read this page to understand why and how we can do it. This project can be helpful for: - Wiki and Database search engine for educational Open Source application server projects, such as TrinityCore - Keeping an historical ar
  4. Hello I am trying to test some things on my localhost for the 7.2.0 trinitycore. Is it possible at this point to create custom items in the database or otherwise? If so how?
  5. I have build 22345 of WoW but when I run map extractor is says this: The dbc files cause worldserver to crash on startup. Do I have to run it on an older version? Edit: Does anyone know why I get this error, ONLY when I use any of the builds from the past week. If I build an older version it compiles fine. Seems that this error happens when I try to build using any version past this commit: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/807488df8a9f063d5b306dcd88b12b9d67089143
  6. How to setup starting items for players on my server. How to setup "playercreateinfo_item" table?
  7. ####### English Version ######## Hello Everyone!. I am requesting a script to change username in php, someone would be so kind as to contribute?. Thanks in advance ###### Version EspaƱol ###### Hola a todos. Estoy necesitando un codigo php para cambiar el nombre de usuario, alguno podria aportarlo? se los agradeceria mucho. saludos! Version: TrinityCore 3.3.5a.
  8. Hi Everyone i have a question i see 2 version on the main site i wil open my server soon but with version should i pick where not too much bigs are in the server 3.3.5 and 6.x.x but with version is the best of these is 6.X.X al huge bugs fixed or can i better pick Wotlk Version for now ? of is there still much work to do on version 6.X Greetings DarkSiZe
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