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  1. Hosting: github pages and Altervista (distributed on Rapidswitch and Hetzner, European webfarms) backed by varnish and memcache. However gtmetrix (canada) gives 84% PageSpeed/Yslow score. For me and my collegue it takes ~120ms to load pages. So, i can ask you the same: are you using a raspberry/arduino to browse this site?
  2. Hi! Few weeks ago has been created a project: www.wowgaming.org It's a WoW resource pool (Db search, wiki, addons etc) subdivided by expansion that currently support wotlk 3.3.5a All information inside are stored with original data from that specific game version. It's totally Free and Open Source alternative to (dead?) OpenWoW site! Please read this page to understand why and how we can do it. This project can be helpful for: - Wiki and Database search engine for educational Open Source application server projects, such as TrinityCore - Keeping an historical archive of World of Warcraft original data - Discussing and Blogging about newest and oldest WoW Facts wotlk portal (index of all subsite below): http://www.wowgaming.org/wotlk.html database: https://wowgaming.altervista.org/aowow/ addon list: http://www.wowgaming.org/addons-335a-collection/ wiki: https://wowgaming.altervista.org/wp/wotlk-home/ Our repositories: https://github.com/wowgame If you want to help us or maintaining another version using our free tools Please, Contact us on Discord
  3. Hello A small presentation: I’m Yehonal an old dev of wowemu ( by WAD ) and original MaNGOS. Founder of Mangos Zero and dev of TrinityZero. Introduction: Recently i’ve proposed to trinitycore a new structure that allows to separate core functionalities using a modular architecture. This structure allows you to use this project as a real MMO framework. In few words you can choose to: Download only the framework and develop your MMO application Download the platform, based on framework above, to implement an application that supports wow client, or just download the entire server application. Download other modules that extend application above ( For example: AHBot, Duel Reset and other custom things ) This kind of approach allows to enlarge the project audience and possibilities. Unfortunately it hasn’t been accepted The Project: http://www.azerothcore.org I’m here to present you a new Project , called AzerothCore. It’s based on Sunwell Core and of-course TrinityCore and Mangos , but completely restructured to allow: Modules creation: as said , you’re currently able to create/install modules that extends core functionalities without touch any line of core code. So you can have installable extensions that don’t require patches, such as: Duel Reset, Transmog etc. You can also easily publish yours that can be pinned by our staff and included in our official extensions list. More info: here Doing Versioning right: We have various stable and supported versions. Instead master branch is always in development. We have an API that will only change between major revisions and you don’t have to take care about compatibility updating your minor versions More info: here Create something that just work: We’ve based our project on Sunwell Core because they fixed 90% of game contents. Yes, they made a lot of hack fix, but we’re working on code enhancement. However we’re not hack-aware and we won’t be: if we’ve to release a major revision, it must work at least as the previous one and must be stable. So we can accept patches with hack fix and fix in a cleaner way in master branch instead. Fully Open-Source and Free Tools We’ve based our infastructure on github and all its service to guarantee you open and reliable services. We’re also working on a webserver that will contain a demo of all our supported applications. Such as Shin’s tools and a limited game server for demo/testing purpose only. What do you think about this? Help us to develop this great project!
  4. 14.04 is an LTS, 15.x is outdated
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