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Found 3 results

  1. Blink teleports through walls. Mage "Blink" Spell Bugged - Spell Behavior: -Goes through landhills, bumps in the ground or upward hill-climb. The player ends up falling down under/behind the map. -Generating & Replacing old Cameras, maps, vmaps & mmaps did not help fix the issue. -Does NOT go through objects, wall-objects, etc. -When cast at a long staircase, the spell casts itself with the visual effect, and the player gets re-oriented one tiny micro-step backwards. (I assume this is normal behavior). On a final note.. Blink was bugged around february, got fixed when i merged with Eluna at around March 9, 2018, and broke again on my second merge on July 29, 2018. Many spells got fixed (Mind control used to crash server, eye of kilrogg as well, hunter disengage spell was totally broken and had zero functionality), however, blink broke once again. Any takes? Thank you, Kind Regards, Nerc
  2. Steamorin

    3.3.5a npc falling textura

    Hello please help me, npc falling a textura when you move. How ti fix? https://www.kephost.com/image/wNMx
  3. newworldvanilla

    legion 7.1.5 honor system

    honor is bugged on legion trinitycore how can i fix it or how can i make it like when players login honor talents be maxed? sorry for english i am making some server and will post every bugs but for this issue please help me som1 <3 thanks alot i even cant add honor with commands