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  1. Sounds 2 me that it's enabled in config. Go to ur world.conf and check ur settings under GM settings gl
  2. Hello once again community! Thanks for all ur help so far, it's really appreciated.. I'll pull out another hand to get caught! ... So my problem is that I can easy buff / nerf a creature npc through World.conf and edit the rates on HP, AP damage, melee damage and so on... Look at: Uploaded Images to see an example! So my question is am I able to burf nerf specific creature spell to do less / more dmg and how so? An example could be Razorscale's Devouring Flame! Thanks guys
  3. @Ibeatdungeon I love how u say (Disc priest op) ... In this Patchwerk fight I rather a Holy paladin than a Disc priest! ^^
  4. @Ibeatdungeon hmm. Hard 2 me finding a conclusion. The question is, are we dealing with a BUG / exploit? Also the same team were playing on Warmane + Dalaran-WoW it seems weird 2 me, that we never experienced the "exploit" on either Dalaran-WoW or Warmane. I think we're dealing with a wrong scripted boss? Also a good point in my video that I forgot 2 mention it's funny 2 see that 0:58 in my video, that when "Spytiskede" starts tanking then I start tanking the Hateful Strike ability once again. I think it's because I am now the one with second threat on the threat table now!
  5. @Ibeatdungeon "Not sure what version you are describing, but patchwerk's ability works ..." my version is fully up-2-date. I don't get it.... If Hateful Strike works, then I should take damage aswell when my warrior tank mate has highest threat on boss, which means I should soak the Hateful Strike. The problem is that I am not taking any damage at all or dodging anything while he's tanking... Btw I am Plsgovegan When I am thinking about it, I think the boss buggs out when Dixo dies in the beginning Also u can see in 2:10 that I am just standing there, bored.
  6. Hello community! In this post I want 2 talk about Patchwerk and the fight in NAXX10. Me and a team completed whole Naxx10 in one evening. And one of the bosses we were a little sceptical over were Patchwerk. Shouldnt the other tank not get damaged 2 when I get aggro? I mean the hateful strikes. I just can't believe he's that easy. Check out the boss fight. I forgot 2 mention that we're only using HC gear from dungeons ILVL 200
  7. Hello community. Since I can only understand coding and not write them yet, have I decided to make a YouTube-channel where I'm making videos of TrinityCore. The reason I do this is to point out some of the mistakes that TrinityCore contains so you may correct them. Since I had problems before with making my own compiled TrinityCore server I was required to post here on the website. I was very quickly surprised by the help I received, even knowing that I was a beginner. So I wanted to give something in return. Since I have a good circle of friends who loves to play on my new server, I feel that's the way I contribute. By posting videos like this: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNh1RAcZfagi5xNVKVWl3PA?view_as=subscriber !Please give feedback if there's anything you would like to see. Soon we're raiding Naxxramas, and the videoes will be posted. !This video is not made to judge whether TrinityCore is good or not. It is made to correct mistakes! - Thanks for reading. Chris
  8. Also I would like 2 say thanks for all the great answers during this topic. I must say that I got a little smarter now. So after all this topic is SOLVED.
  9. @Ibeatdungeon u're are amazing! That was just what I needed. I love how u explain everything in details +rep for that! I love how I acutally learn more about WoW by getting 2 know the database better. I didnt knew Random Dungen Finder is a quest reward! That's amazing, ha.... I would love to see your server @Ibeatdungeon, I think u got some cool mechanics and stuff ^^ Once again +rep
  10. Thanks guys! I have also seen a few hackers, but I do belive it's very difficult 2 hack Warmane compared to other private servers like TrinityCore. Also I would like 2 know if there's anyhow I can detect hackers in logs or something. Maybe the database could detect if something spectacular is going on? Also my self-compiled server is for my friends, so I don't belive any of em would hack the server for their own beneficial. Now when I got you here. You guys might know almost everything about the database. So let's say me and my friends would like 2 start of with Naxxramas. Is there anyhow I can chanfe Emblem of Frost (49426) to Emblem of Heroism (40752) in Random Dungeon Finder since this is only Naxxramas and not Icecrown Citadel? I don't know if I should make another topic for my last question. But I feel like keeping my questions in one topic would save this website a lot of spam from me!
  11. @desteny thanks for ur post! Well I am running 3.3.5a. For like 1 month ago I was only running a repack from Jeutie, and a friend of mine was able 2 put on his cheats, so he could increase his movement speed like a GM. And the anti-cheat build in Jeutie's repack could not detect anything. So I am just wondering now when I am running an fully updated self-compiled server that the anti-cheat program has improved since then?
  12. @Ibeatdungeon first of all thanks for the quick reply, +rep for that. I love when people are dedicated 2 help each other. Well, exploits is basically "buggs" in the system. I don't know if I am wrong but I find difference between exploits and hacks. I once read a topic about Trinitycore were implemented with an anti-cheat program. So when people wanted 2 download hack program 2 cheat on private server, so they could increase their movement speed or fly or wall climb they could freely do that. But is there anyhow I can prevent that 2 happen. I mean stop people 2 increase their movement speed on my server? :))
  13. Hello TrinityCore community! I do know that TrinityCore is provided with an anticheat program but how good is the anticheat system? Once I had a repack, it was an old one from TrinityCore, but still I was able 2 hack myself without my anticheat-program detected anything. Also I would like 2 thank @CDawg and @HannibalRoG for their patience when they helped me in my last topic. I can now say that my server is up and running and I was able 2 have 10 people online without any laggs at all!
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