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Found 3 results

  1. Hello once again community! Thanks for all ur help so far, it's really appreciated.. I'll pull out another hand to get caught! ... So my problem is that I can easy buff / nerf a creature npc through World.conf and edit the rates on HP, AP damage, melee damage and so on... Look at: Uploaded Images to see an example! So my question is am I able to burf nerf specific creature spell to do less / more dmg and how so? An example could be Razorscale's Devouring Flame! Thanks guys
  2. I am trying to make a spell script, something I have never messed with before. Simply put, a spell is cast upon you when you touch an object. I have that working, since that is a game object script. it also adds a 30 second duration, which also works, but does not show the countdown timer like many other spells. I think this needs to be done in a spell script, instead of newSpell->SetDuration(30000); in gameobject script. I cannot figure out how to get the timer working, and then get another spell cast upon the player. I have this set in my spell script, so if the spell is removed by any other means, the script shouldn't do anything: if (GetTargetApplication()->GetRemoveMode() != AURA_REMOVE_BY_EXPIRE && GetTargetApplication()->GetRemoveMode() != AURA_REMOVE_BY_ENEMY_SPELL) return; so to sum up my question: spell cast upon player. timer counts down 30 seconds, which gives player enough time to remove the spell, then at end of countdown, another spell cast upon player. Can anyone give me some sample code? I tried working with professor putricide spell codes, and the life bloom spell, but its just not triggering. Yes I added an entry in spell_script_names... Thanks.
  3. Hi there, could I get some help, in the topic. Just to get some backstory, I have a custom trinitycore 3.3.5a server with many custom models, zones, etc. I succesfully created custom graveyards in zones like Pandaria and Draenor (the ones from Kronixusa), following this tutorial.http://www.model-changing.net/tutorials ... graveyard/I have created graveyards for custom zones in Custom maps and in deserted zones like Hyjal that have no graveyards. HOWEVER, I foudn out that none of the graveyards work in Northrend and if I die there, I will just get ported to westfall or barrens. I dont know how to fix this. I even tried to remake new custom gyards copying everything from the original custom graveyards of northrend using the tutorial above, but all I get when trying to use this command, .linkgrave X (X being the new graveyard ID) is the message ""CANNOT LINK TO NON EXISTING ZONE OR SUBZONE #INTERNAL ERROR"Thanks for you help!
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