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  1. I know this is an older posting, but I am experiencing a similar problem. after a server restart, it takes 20-40 minutes before it allows me to log in, even though both worldserver and bnetserver look fine. if I have patience and wait long enough, it does log in and from that point continues to allow logging in. I also experience the problem with "could not bind to port" for awhile after a server shutdown. that releases after awhile. This is quite annoying, as a server restart means for at least 30 minutes the server is down. not enough time to watch a movie, but longer than I need to eat a me
  2. this gets you access to over 60 scripts, including npcbots and lordpsyanbots.
  3. Default debian 9, from scratch fresh install and setup worked perfectly. Upgrading from 8 to 9 is where things went bad...
  4. I said I would post my fix. It was not fun, nor quick... I had to remove boost, and compile from source. here are the steps I took: (works for Debian and Ubuntu. Don't forget sudo in Ubuntu) apt-get remove libboost-all-dev --purge (I like to purge all files.) cd /opt (this is where I store my files. place them wherever you want) download boost source latest from sourceforge: SourceForge Boost files 7za boost-1_66_0.7z (or whatever version is latest) cd boost-1_66_0 ./bootstrap.sh ./b2 ./b2 install This fixed my probl
  5. This has probably been mentioned, but I was forced to upgrade to Debian 9. I do like the error messages giving more details and suggestions when compiling, but I am having serious linking issues with boost, zlib, etc. Here is my error: [ 38%] Linking CXX executable authserver CMakeFiles/authserver.dir/Main.cpp.o: In function `GetConsoleArguments(int, char**, boost::filesystem::path&, std::__cxx11::basic_string<char, std::char_traits<char>, std::allocator<char> >&)': /opt/TrinityCore/src/server/authserver/Main.cpp:305: undefined reference to `boost::pro
  6. What exactly is different between 16 and 17? is it an updated gcc? updated cmake? I want this to still work with debian 8, since I am in no mood to update all my websites to php7 at this time. Working on it slowly, but I don't really have time for that...
  7. You can get bots easily. http://git.realmsofwarcraft.com I know, I charge for access, but it's a one time fee of $10 because the server it runs on is a dedicated server and it costs me to rent it. But it is lifetime access. @gerripeach I could not get that code to work. item not declared, auraeffect not declared. Guess not placing it properly, but I fixed my issue with the spell not counting all the way down to 0. Still am unable to get another spell cast when duration ends. Worst part is, this is the easy part. the rest of what I am attempting is going to be much harde
  8. Thanks for this information. I will play around with this, and see if my master plan to dominate the world will come to pass....
  9. Not to bump this, but figured out how to set the timer. Now I need to set it to cast a spell if the timer runs out. During testing, however, the timer counted down to 4 seconds, then the spell vanished...
  10. I am trying to make a spell script, something I have never messed with before. Simply put, a spell is cast upon you when you touch an object. I have that working, since that is a game object script. it also adds a 30 second duration, which also works, but does not show the countdown timer like many other spells. I think this needs to be done in a spell script, instead of newSpell->SetDuration(30000); in gameobject script. I cannot figure out how to get the timer working, and then get another spell cast upon the player. I have this set in my spell script, so if the spell is removed
  11. doing .server shutdown force 1 gives same result. my restarter runs every 10 seconds, but that doesn't matter. realm being down 30 seconds to 1 minute isn't a big deal, since my server is only for me and my kids and wife, but on a populated server 1 minute could be bad. I see no worldserver process running. Don't know what other information I can give.... Back to spell scripts lol
  12. I have the exact same issue with 335a running latest TC as of this post. Base core, no extras. Driving me nuts... Not running in screen, but on debian. I do have another worldserver running, but on a different port - 8085. this one runs on 8086 but both bind to
  13. in the 6.x sql updates folder are many updates for world, but creature table was changed... it is no longer `guid` but `ID`. many of the update files error do to this change. if you manually change guid to ID then you get fun errors like unknown column spawndist or movementtype. I am unsure when creature table was changed, but the structure is completely different now. I suppose it is possible I am importing the wrong sql files (unlikely) so here is one of the file names that error: 2014_10_22_00_world_from_335.sql There are other errors, such as ghost_zone column not in graveyar
  14. OK besides the fact of being lazy, and not knowing what you are doing, why are you using Plesk in the first place? it can all be done manually, and then you don't have to pay 20-50 per 30-100 user license per month. Second, if you are still on debian 4 it is time to upgrade. I don't have any of these problems on debian 5 64bit with or without plesk. I would guess it isn't server4you it is most likely a pebcac error. At least in this post you are providing a little more information... unlike your last.
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