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  1. Kaelima

    Is it stable? ...

    @maestro memory leak fixed here: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/a3f9eee4e5653f2b019d41b1c9ffe69074bb6fcf
  2. Kaelima

    Things Are Getting Stable

    It is not easy to implement the functionality of cluster servers to TrinityCore.
  3. Check if you got ports open on the servers router (3724 and 8085 default). I assume you already have set the correct ip adress in realmlist table - auth database and same ip in realmlist.wtf. If you got a DNS you should use that instead of the IP on both of these locations.
  4. Turn to where you got the patch from, this has nothing to do with trinity itself