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  1. We have icc open after that update on stable revision and no crashes
  2. I have revision 5efce03a11 ( http://code.google.com/p/trinitycore/source/detail?r=5efce03a11a4d5804eb382536bcee6497a03c4de ) and its crashing every our on spell auras -.- i have to do something cause its terrible ... have anyone some fix? ... EDIT - now 10 hours uptime ... strange
  3. Can you please report stable rev in code?(1634fa7f43 for example) not in number cause i cant find revision that you report ... and has somebody some latest rev that is stable?
  4. I am starting this topic to continue the old one. The last thing that i know is that latest stable rev is http://code.google.com/p/trinitycore/source/detail?r=7bae24f81c2fe1195276e63b3a91e90a1017c9c5 = 7bae24f81c Any news?
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