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  1. hi How can I do something Hero can not delete by player ! on character list
  2. iRGC

    need support

    tnx for supp! tnx all :|
  3. iRGC

    need support

    how to full disable!? on db? on tools? on source?
  4. hi guys How can I disable it? on instance start raid on combat Players can not login instance and system give massage unable to zone in while an encounter is in progress bwl
  5. @Aokromes I got a joke
  6. Do not kidding I did not want to! Leave it i compile tdb 63 Full of bugs topic close
  7. Can you tell the exact date of the release?
  8. We are waiting a long time ...
  9. Hello friends Date of Release TDB 335.64 At what time؟!
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