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  1. 7.x have nothing working speaking of Expansion content.. Maybe TC is playable until 4.3.4 content.. But starting from Pandaria to Legion there is nothing A.F.A.I.K.
  2. gegge

    .NET WoW Core

    Thanks guys, i'll give a look at all of these core! @hondacrx can you log in / select character / see the world on that core? Update: I LIKE IT https://github.com/LuigiElleBalotta/CypherCore
  3. Is there any wow emulator in c#? For example a TrinityCore C# version? I'm looking at least for a core where you can do basic things like Log In, select character to log in the world and visit all maps. No, i'm not looking for Arctium, you can't even log in with that core..
  4. Hello, I was wondering if it's possible to move from using IRC to using a Discord Chat Server. It's cool and.. damn, everyone use it, we are in 2017 P.S. Maybe some1 already use discord? Can you send the invite?
  5. gegge


    Can someone explain me how to program phases? For example, the same npc can be in more than 1 phaseID at the same xyzo position. How can I use one db row to do that? Or do I MUST use more than one row? I am working on 7.x Ok I read https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/12715 But I still don't understand how to generate the phaseGroup.. In that example is said phase group is 368.. but what is the mathematical calculation?
  6. 6.x/7.x = branch master (7.1.5)
  7. I can log in if i use a windows pc as a server, but not on ubuntu..
  8. I updated and I had the same error My BattleNet.log: 9/5 10:58:59.573 [IBN_Login] Starting up | hasFrontInterface=false | hasBackInterface=false 9/5 10:59:41.784 [GlueLogin] Starting login | launcherPortal=nullopt | loginPortal= 9/5 10:59:41.784 [GlueLogin] Resetting 9/5 10:59:41.784 [IBN_Login] Initializing 9/5 10:59:41.863 [IBN_Login] Attempting logon | host= | port=1119 9/5 10:59:41.863 [GlueLogin] Waiting for server response. 9/5 10:59:43.308 [GlueLogin] Waiting for server response. 9/5 10:59:43.671 [GlueLogin] Waiting for server response. 9/5 11:00:04.869 [GlueLogin] Fatal error while logging in | result=( | code=ERROR_HTTP_COULDNT_CONNECT (14001) | localizedMessage= | debugMessage=JSON error: ERROR_HTTP_COULDNT_CONNECT (14001) token: 1) 9/5 11:00:04.946 [IBN_Login] Front disconnecting | connectionId=1 9/5 11:00:04.946 [GlueLogin] Disconnecting from authentication server. 9/5 11:00:05.129 [IBN_Login] Front disconnected | connectionId=1 | result=( | code=ERROR_OK (0) | localizedMessage= | debugMessage=) 9/5 11:00:05.129 [GlueLogin] Disconnected from authentication server. 9/5 11:00:05.129 [IBN_Login] Destroying | isInitialized=true 9/5 11:00:10.138 [IBN_Login] Destroying | isInitialized=false 9/5 11:00:33.320 [IBN_Login] Shutting down
  9. Nothing... I used SET PORTAL "reignofchaos.ddns.net" (after edit host file) and I have the same problem. You can try to connect to the server using a WOW 22522 patched client, using that portal (since is also a public IP) and using this account: username: [email protected] password: test EDIT: same problem with build 22566. I recompiled core up to this commit: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/10b683cf96383b730a235994366abafa60867558
  10. I edited host file.. And I Also used osx client, i had the same problem
  11. I'm stuck at "connecting", even if I restart the bnetserver (sometimes i get "you have been disconnected! BLZ51914001") I'm using Linux Ubuntu as server and Mac OS X as client (using wine + wow_patched.exe). Same problem with WoW_Patched.app Same problem with Windows 10 client. Commit: https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/e29494b01dbacda3e28766d41f6f267e4adafe29 server ip: (home server ip) / reignofchaos.ddns.net (external ip) AuthDB -> realmlist (table) -> column "address" == "reignofchaos.ddns.net" AuthDB -> realmlist (table) -> column "localAddress" == "" Is tc_bundle.txt also correct for OS X? http://pastebin.com/FWxQ291M bnetserver.conf has: LoginREST.Port = 8081 LoginREST.ExternalAddress=reignofchaos.ddns.net LoginREST.LocalAddress=
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