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  1. KingPin

    TrinityCore Discord Channel

    for anyone wanting to test the beta irc <--> discord relay : https://discord.gg/HPP3wNh
  2. KingPin

    TrinityCore Discord Channel

    Well, im testing out a relay between IRC / discord. nothing official yet, just in testing phases.
  3. KingPin

    TrinityCore Discord Channel

    dang kids and your discords.... BACK IN MY DAY, we had Ventrilo and we hated it! then we had vent and TeamSpeak and we mostly hated them on a case by case basis. then mumble came out and no one knows what it is to this day. how is discord making money? cant trust them till you find that out. @Malcrom you dont count in this vote.
  4. Hello all, that time fo the year again, we just moved to a new host. see something bad? let me know
  5. KingPin

    Broken Link in Install Guide

    i think the link should be https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/display/tc/Windows+Core+Installation since it has a keeping the source updated section at the bottom. does that look right? once confirmed we can update the link.
  6. KingPin

    Wiki editors are blocked ?

    hmmm it would seem so, checking.
  7. KingPin

    Homepage autologin

    I updated the links. but form needs updating for ipb4 and I will check that at some other time. PS : https://github.com/TrinityCore/TC-Home-page
  8. KingPin


    mostly because I am tired of vendor lock-ins. I use hipchat for multiple clients and its decent, but I am at the mercy of atlassian for yet another product if I use it for TC. I am open to pros/cons.
  9. following are some base stats for TC.org for one month. Why post them? why not?
  10. Currently the wiki has been having issues on and off for a bit. so we have three ways to go forward from this. fix what we have. I am throwing resources at it, im getting nothing in return... its like a bad relationship..... the error logs lead to old answers that either dont apply or dont work. some plugins broke on new versions so its partially broken and needs to be manually fixed. Benefit : we have more control over the data, plugins etc Con : I am not always around to update and fix it due to work and that real life bullshit. :| move out to atlassian cloud hosted wiki already done. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki it doesn't have some of the plugins so the fancy tabs and all that jazz weren't converted over so it needs to be fixed. Benefit : Atlassian maintain, upgrade and fix any issues so more stability and availability. Con : Less control over data, plugins, etc convert to another wiki software. I have barely found anything functional, and thanks to the tabs etc provided by the plugin the exports dont exactly work so more manual work is needed. 1 & 2 seem more practical. im open to any suggestions.
  11. if you can export this out to another wiki I would be more than happy to host it.
  12. the fancy stuff on the wiki is driven by plugin some of which have changed drastically or have not been upgraded to work with new version of confluence. I have tried looking into the cause but I have no answer at this moment. and I have very little time to redo all the wiki pages at this point. i want to move the wiki to cloud hosting with atlassian but that breaks it further because atlassian has some pretty shitty support for plugins and most of the formatting plugins arent supported on the cloud hosting they offer. so im stuck with this giant pile of mediocrity. :)
  13. KingPin

    Login with Google

    damn ssl apparently https != http. who woulda thunk it. should be fixed now, please let me know if you still have issues.