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  1. Yes, it should. If not, then you will need to dedicate more RAM to your vps. That is extremely low even for testing 3.3.5a.
  2. @darki73 Whoops! I meant to put in the releases folder. Also, I have a compiled version that disabled the auto-update. @Daniel25 Sorry for the confusion, to add what darki73 mentioned. It will try to connect to their server and check for updates. It does take a good minute once you launch the app. I have the Editor with that feature disabled. I just have to find it. Once I'm home from work I can PM you one.
  3. WDBXEditor was created by barncastle to be compatible with every revision . Personally, it is my favorite, especially when you need to dissect from different revisions with the project that I have been working on.
  4. First and final error... The wiki has openssl 1.0.x only support plastered all over the place...
  5. I can help you configure optimal performance for your DB server, but I need to know details of your new server as well as what other services are running on the node. Shoot me a PM in IRC, or trinitycore PM (top right). You can't just share the mysql.conf. MySQL is configured for exactly that server based on the services running and especially hardware. I also use tools to help balance the correct amount of database usage (not too little, and not too much) I don't run JUST a worldserver on the node. It's a separate DB server dedicated for this very purpose as a DB server. Anyhow, you don't want to configure your machine with someone else's conf, that may have more/less memory, storage, etc.. you could do more harm than good, even if it's not noticeable at that very moment.
  6. The best way is to look at the commits from your last commit (6 mos. ago). There are so many changes. Especially since you know that you will have to re-extract mmaps, vmaps, etc...
  7. HaHa. He wants an old core fixed now! now! now!
  8. I don't understand what that means... Just update your Trinitycore...
  9. over 100G? Something doesn't seem right. Mine is only 100kb (7.2x) extracting the DBCs took only about 7-9 minutes on my machine. Edit: Also, this is enUS version, correct?
  10. @asio2890 what are your .conf settings? [hide your password] Your database looks fine, assuming your are on 3.3.5a. (you could also try setting your ip address rather than But your worldserver.conf settings may be the issue.
  11. You have to help us first... What's the error, what is your configuration in your DB?
  12. We can always add them and submit a PR Not sure how many items that may need to be excluded.
  13. ~/TrinityCore7/src$ grep -inr quest_tracker server/game/Handlers/QuestHandler.cpp:458: if (sWorld->getBoolConfig(CONFIG_QUEST_ENABLE_QUEST_TRACKER)) // check if Quest Tracker is enabled There is a quest_tracker db, although I could not find it here: where it should be... Be sure you have the config enabled.. But, that's where it is stored. no need for a "log file" better to track in a DB. That what you are asking? EDIT: Iv'e only used it on my 3.3.5a servers. I just double checked that it works on the 7.x version.