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  1. You mean, this guy?
  2. with PhP? yes. I can share tidbits
  3. @YacinoBen You can go to TC's repo. The title will show what exact version(s) are supported.
  4. He tried using repacked vmaps, so my guess is that he is using a repacked core and got everything confused.
  5. Yeah, I saw that you were using Linux, but Debian. You need 1.58+ for Ubuntu 16+ or other newer distros of Linux OS. I read that CMake output and saw 1.55 boost
  6. The repack vmaps will always be outdated and should never be a comparison. Never ever use repack data with TC core. You will have to re-extract vmaps that you compiled.
  7. Wait what?? If I'm not on 1.61 minimum My Ubuntu and CentOS gets flooded with Boost errors.
  8. The problem is just that you have to update your Boost. Then you should be good to go You are using 1.55 which is an ancient version of boost. CMAKE OUTPUT: -- Boost version: 1.55.0 -- Found the following Boost libraries: -- system -- filesystem -- thread -- program_options -- iostreams -- Performing Test boost_filesystem_copy_links_without_NO_SCOPED_ENUM -- Performing Test boost_filesystem_copy_links_without_NO_SCOPED_ENUM - Failed
  9. Are you referring to ? Also, what revision are you using? Assuming 3.3.5a did you check your conf and enable PlayerStart.AllSpells = 1 ?
  10. So here are the details. For the creature_template tags. (335a) However, I havnt found any issues to that specific quest. (Assuming it's a quest issue) Not sure if that quest triggers the NPCs to become invisible or the NPCs in that area are just bugged. If it's a quest issue, then it's possible that there is a trigger, rather than a db issue. Anyhow, I will try that quest when I get home. In the meantime, try searching if there are others that have identified that bug. If you can't find any issues open, please feel to create one (sounds like an easy fix) reference for my search:✓&q=Wretched
  11. Yeah, this was a specific Linux issue. But your note should be helpful to Windows users that seem to be having a more of an issue with Windows detecting boost
  12. This would probably be better served in custom code and requests. What programming language are you using and do you have a snippet of what you are using or having an issue with?
  13. Actually, it can get goofy and you do have to set the path manually for Linux users. (similar to Windows) I did have to export BOOST_ROOT=$HOME/boost_1_63_0. (idk, maybe it was me when I upgraded my boost ) Fortunately for Linux users that CMake has a catch all process before compiling and finding out before you get half way into compiling your core and not spewing errors. I think there is a specific Boost version install that doesn't set within the registry correctly for Win users or If you install, reinstall, something gets goofy with Win users. Edit: Oh btw, when I remove the old boost directories, I get errors during the cmake process, even though it's looking at the newer version boost. An example: I have 3 directories boost_61/ boost_62/ and boost_63/, however when I remove 61 and 62 (old ones) cmake says it's using boost_63, but during the compile i still get 'cant find boost libraries' So I place them both back (61 and 62) and everything is fine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It's quite frustrating.
  14. Do eeet!! We need something to make sniffing easier. When I get time, Iv'e been piecing together the player map. I usually get about 10-15mins a day, due to real life.