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  1. Those are "game objects". First see if they exist by doing the command "gobject near" (in game) when you are near to the entrance. If they are not there, then they may be missing from the DB gameobject and log that here: I'm using 335a, but if you are 7.x, i'm sure there are missing data from the DB.
  3. Of course there is. But like most of us, I haven't had time. I can look at hooks to pull and log arena queues (teams and players). Just curious... what is so important about logging the placeholder queue for players?
  4. I'll PM what I found with this project
  5. Since most MOP 5.x projects are slowly dying or (jerks that go private), it's getting more difficult to find open source these days. You could always ask Digging through jadecore shows that it was using the TC backbone so it 'should' use their authserver/configurations. But not sure about the compatibility with other versions.
  6. I would ask Exodius or Kittnz..., However I found something more interesting after alot of reading and digging around (Interested for myself for mop), but I found this. Good luck sorry for the run around, just found it today. It seems to be the most up to date mop open project. From what I was reading it was from TrinityCore.
  7. From what I gather, the large download had the vmaps, mmaps,, etc.. with the sql. Try compiling without "tools"
  8. I know that there is independent projects using TC. Like 434 that is pretty active in TrinityCoreLegacy. But the closest thing I found that is relative is . That also has a link to the DBC from that time still up, so might as well get it while it's hot. TC has just moved on to the latest and greatest at this point.
  9. I grepped through and found dozens of reference points to enable logging in the ArenaTeamMgr, by showing when the match starts, ends, and who is fighting. Look there
  10. just turn on your debug or modify the TC_LOG_DEBUG, I gave the example above
  11. What revision? server/game/Battlegrounds/ArenaTeam.cpp bool ArenaTeam::AddMember(ObjectGuid playerGuid) { ... ... TC_LOG_DEBUG("bg.arena", "Player: %s [%s] joined arena team type: %u [Id: %u, Name: %s].", playerName.c_str(), playerGuid.ToString().c_str(), GetType(), GetId(), GetName().c_str());
  12. Ask the developer
  13. That should be working as intended. (showing in gray for wrong versions) If I ran WoTLK authserver (for 335a and 434) and connected via Cata client it would show 335a servers offline and vise versa when I connected with the Wrath Client showing the 434 servers offline.
  14. I don't understand. The character or npc is falling through the texture / ground? It doesn't look like it. Try this.
  15. No, You have absolutely no context in your post. We have no clue, with what your environment is: No mysql version, what you did to import your db, what version of TC, did you try to do your own locale... Etc... That screenshot tells us that you did something wrong and we can't help without the proper answers from you.