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  1. Logging chat into database

    This can probably be moved to Custom Code section - However, I actually was able to implement "in core" to log all chat to the database in a separate table under "characters". Let me know if you or anyone is interested, I can share the patch in github.
  2. What's the best OS for Trinity Core?

    I would recommend Linux in general and to add what Aokromes mentioned, Debian is full proof with additional support, due to it being heavily used in the TC world.
  3. I would agree. Windows git has fixed a lot their bugs where applications would not recognize it. I also have one machine with Windows on it wasn't trivial at all to install on a fresh windows 10 machine and cmake found everything.
  4. How do I create my own server

  5. Compile or cmake problems

    Thanks @Ibeatdungeon Interesting... A couple years ago I mentioned that auto updates on Linux should be disabled. Looks like libssl-dev needs to be a very specific package for the time being. For anyone curious using CentOS and not Ubuntu, Boost has to be a very certain package as well (depending on what version of CentOS you are using) I will add a note to the wiki that having automatic updates may cause problems and to update each package manually (recommended)
  6. Yeah, it may be a bit alarming... but... you have to read that Blizz went after a very large group that opposes them as a competitor, due to the fact that Blizz wants most or all population to start on their upcoming legacy (vanilla) servers. While I don't blame them personally, I see why Blizz went after them and "asked" GitHub to drop them under the DMCA. While it may be that Blizz cares about other version or expansions that are running 'legacy' servers. Blizz isn't too worried about small pop servers. It would just cost them money and trying to chase after the small groups. Not saying TC is small, but nothing on the large Blizz's radar. Not to mention, if Blizz's vanilla servers don't draw enough population, they may kill it or not progress with additional legacy expansions and then a sudden explosion of priv servers that may never draw enough attention to Blizz, due to the diverse expansions and outdated clients.
  7. Ah... It was corrupted.. Iv'e had that before. Fortunately for me, it was only about 5 weeks in a character table, but it took me a whole month to find the issue. I also know how you feel.. sometimes having backups of a DB that is already corrupt just makes things worse Curious.. do you know where it was corrupted? Like a bad row in a table, or just garbage all over the place?
  8. Where are you running the binaries? Did you create a bin directory and place your mmaps, vmaps, etc... in said directory? I'm just trying to see if you ran everything correctly but just running the binaries in the wrong directory. It can't find your updates directory. "/home/sysadmin/git/3.3.5/sql/updates/world". Bottom of doc: https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977309/Linux+Core+Installation -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/where/you/want/core/to/be/installed It will create the following structure: <path>/bin/ - binaries will be placed here <path>/etc/ - config files will be placed here
  9. TrinityCore Console Commands Under Linux

    I'm confused. When you run the binary, it opens a windows terminal and you should be able to type into it. If not, install putty and run the binary from cmd, or better yet. install Microsoft's version of PowerShell. (it's free)
  10. Dbc, Maps, mmaps, Vmaps problems

  11. Logging chat into database

    To be honest, Iv'e actually thought of setting up a repo diff (patch) for TC to log all chat into DB through a separate table. If anyone wants traction on this, I can make it happen. Depending on the population the table may fill up extremely fast.
  12. Dbc, Maps, mmaps, Vmaps problems

    Just compile a new core and re-extract the mmaps. You will be up to date for awhile. The devs usually make a change where it will require a re-extraction only maybe about twice a year.
  13. Logging chat into database

    The chat log log can easily log to the DB, Iv'e done it before with config changes. You have to enable the chat log as "debug" so it traps everything. Then set the Console to log to DB as well. It dumps to the Auth DB. Example: Appender.Console=1,3,0 Appender.Server=3,2,0,logs/default.log,w #Logger.bg.reportpvpafk=3,Console Server Logger.chat.log=2,Console Server #Logger.calendar=3,Console Server Example of the auth log: | 1486524394 | 3 | chat.log.whisper | 2 | Player Hammertime tells Hammertime: test | | 1486524426 | 3 | chat.log.whisper | 2 | Player Tyrone tells Hammertime: test | | 1486524433 | 3 | chat.log.whisper | 2 | Player Hammertime tells Tyrone: whatup | | 1486524453 | 3 | chat.log.whisper | 2 | Player Tyrone tells Hammertime: not much | | 1486556669 | 3 | server.loading | 3 | >> No expired mails found. Mind me asking why you want it to dump into mysql ?
  14. Compile or cmake problems

    I don't get that cmake deprecation warning when running cmake. I also have the newest version of Ubuntu 17.10 running. But without any compile issues. I am running apt-cache policy cmake cmake: Installed: 3.9.1-1 If that helps
  15. Compile or cmake problems

    What is your cmake output? from what it looks like you may have the wrong version of libssl-dev.