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  1. 32 or 64 bit wont matter, but you need to read the instructions on which exe to patch.
  2. It should be pretty obvious. Just show him how it's configured for "master" Rather than complain, then show both options.
  3. On most Macs you can't. Once you go to a higher resolution on a Mac, then exit out, it will clip the screen and you then have to manually modify wtf/ That has been a bug since TBC (2.x), it was fixed in 4.x
  4. @timp11 To add what Brainy mentioned, figure out what your public IP is.. set your database realmlist with that public IP. You will only need 3724 (authserver) and the worldserver (default: 8085) open to public. worldserver port is configured in your .conf file. There should be no other ports open.
  5. Original poster A repack is where you wont get support. It's a pre-comiled server package for people that are incompetent on building their own server. You get no updates, you can't fix core problems, and most of the time they are extremely outdated with so many bugs locked into a pre-compiled core that you have to deal with. @Chrisseria2520 You said it best... You just explained that you had a negative experience with a repack (one of the largest) You had a guy that was able to cheat and hack your "repack" and there wasn't a single thing that you could do, due to someone else that created the server in a package nad not able to add special detection and core functions within a repack. Look... People are lazy, i'm not saying you are. But don't let one small issue you run into block you from giving up. It's very very while worth it to compile your own server. Not only can you make custom modifications and keep your package up to date, but you will learn a lot from it and have the confidence to tell your friends that you may be able to fix a certain issue - since you will get support.
  6. I use Linux, and compile and extract 3.3.5a. (Ubuntu Server 16.04). Like I said before, this really isn't a "version" issue. If you compiled TC (3.3.5a), the issue is with your client asset extraction. Not making any assumptions on the OP, but with my experience, most of the time it's an OP that doesn't like the answer, even if it's the right one.
  7. I gave you credit , I don't normally touch credit thingy, however, extracting from a corrupt or broken client is actually pretty common. Good catch!
  8. If it gets deleted, it's probably because you are not using the official extractors for that version. The "VMap file './vmaps/000.vmtree' does not exist" also means it can't read the file, due to unsupported version. You have to extract them fresh from what you compiled. Do NOT download and use unsupported mmaps, dbcs, or vmaps from another source.
  9. BindIP to on multiple worldserver configs won't matter. Ports are where there issues are happening. The service is trying to run on a port that is already occupied. The only logical explanation is to find worldserver service running and kill it. Restaring the service seems to be apparent that the service is not properly shutting down and thus, still occupying the port.
  10. Came late to the party and you appear to have found the solution I am actually running several diff servers (one specifically for a build), so that if anything is being built or upgraded it will only blow up one server and not affect the running world. TIP: Remember to update your boost libraries (for Linux) when it calls for a specific version on the build box or core update. The mysql client libraries and boost must match exactly or you get a mismatch error.
  11. What error are you receiving on Linux when you git clone? Are you making modifications to the core after you clone the repo?
  12. @SouthSideDown Just give the community a bit of patience. We are to help. I personally will still help even if you rant on the forums. But as Rochet2 mentioned, ask us in IRC if you need a more immediate response and we can also help with some of the steps (even if the wiki is not detailed with beginners experience on compiling a program)
  13. worldserver.conf file flags or settings wouldn't have anything to do with a broken database.
  14. Did you manually update your world database? Because that is what you get from not reading the wiki.
  15. Are you using a gm account to login, it looks to be running but no validation