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  1. Don't know if this was brought up and one thing that you have to take into consideration, that regardless of where your health is at (example: it could 10 billion hp), some debuffs work by percentage. So the insta death could possibly be working it down from a 99% intentionally. I don't remember ICC placing a debuff on you when you enter, but also adding to what IbeatDungeon is stating that the high numbers could possibly be.. well.. too high.
  2. Assuming you are on Windows and using the Master branch. It's selected by your OS (using default).
  3. Assuming you are on Windows... Sounds like you didnt copy or configure the authserver.conf.dist and worldserver.conf.dist. Follow the instructions and get your conf files set-up and configured, then we can talk about the DB error you received. Go to the very last step on this page.
  4. How is this related to TC, and what are you trying to accomplish by pinging the server through an application?
  5. Which revision? I dont have any issues with 335a
  6. There are several options: There is a check for the realm first achievement across the characters once the event happens. QueryResult result = CharacterDatabase.Query("SELECT achievement FROM character_achievement GROUP BY achievement"); The safest method is to delete that character. You may have to restart the server before a new player reaches level 80, first class, first kill, etc... after the rewards were stripped from the player. If it was a GM that received the achievement, then just delete it. If it's a player, you will have to strip it from character_achievement, including character_achievement_progress.
  8. TC 335a is the most stable revision existing. What does not work?
  9. First thing.. you said "mbits" so I'm assuming that was a typo. 50Mbits is horrible. You could barley stream a video with that. Also we are not support private servers (production). This is for "testing" purposes only. So let's get started and assume you didn't mean to 50Mbits and you meant to say 50 Mbs (Megabytes) If you are running that private system with Windows from your house, than yes. I would expect 50+ to start lagging on that system. I run multiple linux system(s) from my house and they are 5x the speed with a dedicated T1 line. Not to mention the dedicated database server, app server, and other hosted systems. I "could" max out at 2k. - Your system may have background processes running on it, Your network upload speed under 30Mbs would cause major lag. Your 50Mbs download doesn't mean anything. Last, I don't recommend running anything on that machine, unless it's for "testing" with a few friends. If you want to really "test" it out and have 150+ friends without lag, then you need to purchase a cloud system or spend the money to upgrade your current system + network, also (if it's not), get that thing on Linux, not windows. Windows is great for quick compile, burn and testing. I don't want to sound rude, but a ton of people overestimate their network + system, then they get their ass handed to them and post here on the forums for help.
  10. That all depends on your hardware. I don't know the details of your hardware.
  11. Hey bblewittAGA, it's easier to give the details of the broken quest here. I couldn't find an open issue for that quest, and I can't test it yet.
  12. try this git log -- sql/updates/characters/
  13. There have been a ton of changes to the architect of the db over a year span and It's really difficult to go over each column/table change without updates. One thing that you could try is to go each database change commit from the past to your version/commit, then to run each update or dissect each change that was made over the year and few months.✓ also be sure to just check 3.3.5a for those update changes and may have to manually do each change.
  14. If you have friends that play, and you decide to force the settings to 0, you can also force "at_login" to 8. That way your friends can customize their characters on the new table. Good luck
  15. It will default the characters settings to "0".