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  1. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    Did you read what I posted? It's not in the config file. It's in the RBAC system.
  2. As a GM I'm invisible to others?

    you have to enable it in the RBAC system. auth.rbac_permissions: id=40 "Allows to add a gm to friend list." It's disabled by default, due to security for GMs. So that once a GM logs onto the server you dont want to be bombarded by requests/tickets/help/etc... by players that now know you are online.
  3. Meh.. Not really explosive. Just defending the fact that people consistently "demand" things from the community and devs. Sometimes they offer money and when they don't get an answer they are the ones that explode. If you knew me, I'm a very very laid back guy
  4. WTF?!! Did you read what I just posted? This is NOT a business!! @Ibeatdungeon, Ask the dev or OP why it was closed, they don't have to give an answer. This is a contributed project. It's not even in the guidelines for devs to say why they closed an issue. Now... with that said.. yes I agree: some explanation would be nice, however, it's entirely up to the devs to adapt a "polite" mannerism to issues while closing and/or commenting.
  5. You are comparing ITIL process to an open public project? Also, I am a bit confused when you say "tickets". Are you referring to forum posts and/or open requests on git? I read your wall of rant and I'm at a complete lost on what your requesting within Help and Support. This isn't a company, and some the of the practices (regardless of ITIL) don't need to be adapted, hence contribution factor and NOT a "business".
  6. Working Official Blizzard 3.x.x Torrent

    To add what @codeman8214 said, a lot of people want to be spoon fed. Not saying you are since I know that you were trying a trusted source.
  7. Returning user... progress?

    How stable is the 4.3.4? Iv'e been in the 335a private world for years. Now that I think of it, it's quite depressing how much I have invested in it
  8. Working Official Blizzard 3.x.x Torrent

    Let me know if you have issues with torrents. I have an enUS retail (clean) version.
  9. How to install the Trinity databases?

    Mac and Linux requirements and installation are honestly a bit for the more experienced. Knowing how to handle the mysql/aria databases, modifying configuration files... However, Most of the "details" of what tools you need are in Windows (the majority of TC Users) Please don't take this personal... (I'm not trying to sound like a dick!) In your case you are "learning" on a Mac with very low experience on the "details" of what you need to continue forward. So... I'm here to help. Read what you would need for Windows. (I know you are using a Mac) but take into consideration your lack of experience. https://trinitycore.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/tc/pages/10977296/Windows+Requirements Read through and get an understanding of the tools you will need for your Mac environment. Then, I recommend you read through Linux to get understanding of more of the "Mac" environment. Since, Mac is a gui Linux. You don't need to be an expert, but people are expected to know how to perform certain abilities like inserting sql files into a database. Starting and Stoping the binaries when they are built.. etc.. Also, like I mentioned you could just use the command cli (client) to talk to the mysql server on your mac. But, even I occasionally find an easier approach to use a quick gui to perform quick mysql commands.
  10. How to install the Trinity databases?

  11. 3.3.5a Launcher Issue

    Cool, who is your uncle? I used to work at the Irvine HQ here in California, when I lived Orange County.
  12. How to install the Trinity databases?

    The answer is... with your favorite mysql client That depends on the client you are using. If you use the command interface you can import into mysql with: "source ../destination/path/to_create_mysql.sql" If you are using Windows and use a client like Workbench or Heidisql, then you can do a file extension association match by .sql
  13. 3.3.5a Launcher Issue

    It's not a firewall. Like I said, there will be 404s and at some point it will stop working all together. They are discussing on using json fomat and actually removing xml or "2.0". The launcher client calls for that specific news feed url. Remnants of text/html, images, etc may still work as long as the link is still up. But, some day they will eventually decommission it. They have old servers that have archived expansions. They still do testing, but they don't actually "play". I'm sure they wish that they had time. lol. Anyhow, their QA department actually demands that they keep archives of each game product. (not sure if there is a legal disclaimer behind that). The gives hope that maybe someday... nah! (it costs too much money) The blizz employees don't care about the old launcher. Before they transitioned to battle.net after (v4) the old launcher never checked for client updates/patches. Like I mentioned to LewisPotato they are discussing on moving the product over to json format from xml and changing the url, so we may notice some things start to break over time and receive 404s. I just don't know when.
  14. 3.3.5a Launcher Issue

    yes. battle.net is used for their news/store feeds. Blizz will never support the 335a or old expansions any longer. What did you expect?
  15. World of Warcraft Classic

    Honestly, I think it will be a positive outcome. @Ibeatdungeon, you have to take into consideration, that most players expect the hard grind, including the lack of new features such as, LFD, LFR, old quests you have to look up on "Thottbot", like back in the days. Blizz is (hopefully) giving the players that same feel. The population may slowly fade. But,... you will still have loyalists that just pay. Remember, it isn't about the content.. It's about the community that develops around it. Not to mention, people that have never experienced classic will bitch about missing features that they are accustomed to today's wow. But they will be slammed down by the loyalists to keep it the way it is. Blizz will have to launch a new client with new graphics, etc. It all depends on the outcome and I'm excited to see that very outcome play out.