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  1. Herbs/Mining Nodes Don't Respawn

    Is there any way to pump up the spawn/respawn rate and such?
  2. Herbs/Mining Nodes Don't Respawn

    Hey all, I'm having some trouble with my world. It seems like the Herbs/Mining Nodes don't want to respawn, ever. Is there a line in the config file or something I missed?
  3. Looks like there's been a development in how movemaps and such are extracted and read, and I'll have to regenerate. Doing that now, is there any major fixes/developments I should be aware of in the last six months?
  4. Thanks, I figured I'd need to do something like that. I've always just relied on the launcher program itself to deploy the updates. Can someone give me an ELI5 on how to do them manually?
  5. Hey all, I've had a 3.3.5 server setup for some time now. Previously I updated the server once a week but after my friends stopped playing I stopped updating. Here I am six months later trying to update and I keep getting a DB Error when launching. "In mysql_stmt_prepare() id: 70, sql: "DELETE FROM spawn_group WHERE spawnType = ? AND spawnId = ?" Table 'world.spawn_group' doesn't exist" Looks like I need to tweak or update a DB somewhere, but I don't want to break anything. I kept my old folder setup so I'm still running that environment for now. Any help would be great, thanks!
  6. Hey all, I finally got my server up and running but I'm having a hard time finding a client that's 3.3.5a and will cooperate. I've tried a few torrents and direct downloads but all the clients don't have the standard realmlist.wtf file and when I edit the config in the WTF Folder and then launch WoW it just keeps changing it back to whatever private server I downloaded it from before. I also don't see anything about an authserver.wtf which I thought I'd need to edit as well. Any ideas?
  7. Hello all, so I've been using the precompiled binaries in an attempt to get my work 3.3.5a server up and running but I've hit a roadblock. I believe I have followed all instructions correctly but something appears to be off. I started the worldserver and building the World DB went off without any issues. It correctly picked up the "Full" DB and then patched from there. Where I have issues is when it moves onto Character DB. I did import sql/base/character_database.sql, when I launch I get the following error. (See file attached) DBErrors.log
  8. How to install using pre-compiled packages - WINDOWS

    Looks like a great time saver! So when I click the second link(I'm assuming for DB?) Apparently it failed to compile the last round? Is there a way to retrieve the last successful compile?