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  1. So what do you recommend I do? What should be done?
  2. Ahhh damn. Where did that info pop up? (7.2.0) This was the latest git pull - what master branch commit is the current stable one?
  3. Just tried to update to latest commit from 3/4 commits ago. BNetserver runs fine, worldserver is giving me fits. Attached is Server doc. Please advise. Fresh recompile needed? Thanks. Server.log
  4. For the record - I used everything perfectly 3 or 4 times before this popped up out of the blue. Obviously SOMETHING changed, but whereabouts/How do I go about fixing it?
  5. Newest issue popped up on my 335 machine. Trying to get latest git revision but Git Extensions threw this at me. Linux tools (sh) not found. Should I be concerned? Will that screw up any building in VS after pulling latest? Thanks.
  6. @Aokromes It was entirely my fault, I missed one setting. RealmServer port as you stated was supposed to be set to the default of 3724, however - my config was showing the default to be 8085. Additionally, earlier in the thread, I failed in showing the proper screen capture in the AuthServer.config document. As CDawg caught, for *WHATEVER* reason, my config was showing an odd default. Cant explain it as I followed directions and downloaded and compiled only TC material.
  7. Attn: Community..... With the help of @CDawg, I was able to fire up my server and connect to it. To resolve said issues, I went to AuthServer.config and changed my port to 3724. The **EDIT** default I had in front of me was something completely different. Furthermore, I renamed my WTF folder to WTF_OLD and had the client build me a new one. I entered the IP Information as well as vital config info and attempted log in with success! Someone give @CDawg mad props! :Salute
  8. Clear as crystal. (Mostly) If I create a new realmlist.wtf then it should be stuck *WHERE*? Yet, if I decide to do away with the realmlist.wtf entirely, what needs to be entered into config.wtf in order for my server to be detected by the authserver?
  9. I will give the realmlist.wtf one more shot by creating one manually. If that doesn't work, then I will modify that cvars within config. Just to confirm, that file needs to be embedded in enUS/Data?
  10. @CDawg Thanks. I'll give the 10.x address a shot as well. You're right when it *SHOULD* work using localhost address, but it continues to baffle me. Last night, with the help of a friend here on TC, he remoted into my server and took a look. He couldn't find anything out of the ordinary either. He has a Master server but not 3.3.5. If theres such a subtle change that we are missing, we have yet to find it.
  11. I am not. This was an original client. Not modified at all. Do I need to manually create a realmlist.wtf if one isn't present?
  12. Shouldn't 335 client autogenerate a realmlist in its proper location when one isn't in place? My 335 generates a config automatically but no realmlist. Is this normal or indicative of a larger issue?
  13. Im basically still trying to figure out why my 335 server will not allow any localhost connections. Im trying to pick someone's brain that if I copy the configuration from my Master server (which works just fine) to my 335 server - will it completely muck it up? (Both servers are on completely different boxes by the way.) So.....theoretically, if I change my RealmServerPort to 3724, should that allow my 335 AuthServer to grant access, particularly if it's giving me that error (2316) on login attempt?
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