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  1. Not sure where to report this, didn't want to open a new thread, does someone still have admin rights in the new Confluence setup? Perhaps @Aokromes? It would be nice if someone can remove the spam comment on the Networking page, there seem to be no ways for reporting it...
  2. I'd suggest closing this topic, since installing git on Windows has become insanely easy over the last couple of years and the wiki extensively explains how to install all the tools.
  3. Hi everyone, in the attempt to reach this milestone, I wrote a technical description of the situation up to now on WPP's issue tracker - GitHub.
  4. Hi, as someone may remember, there was a plugin in the Confluence wiki which was used to insert tabs for showing the correct guide for each operating system. Unfortunately the plugin didn't work in the cloud and so it has been removed and all the os-related guides have been converted to standalone pages. Btw, by looking at the official Confluence guide, I saw that they use expandable menus for this purpose (example). Couldn't we do just the same (I don't really like the idea of having a different page for each OS)? I created a copy of the installation requirements page to show an example: link.
  5. We briefly discussed about this on github (link for reference). I'm trying to refactor the output part. Btw I'm assuming that the txt output doesn't have to be *exactly* the same as before.. Am I right? Or changing it would break something?
  6. So basically you're asking for official data! Don't you think that it would be added to the TrinityCore database if it was present?
  7. I think what you're asking is just what sniffing retail data is used for. Did you ever look at this post: ?
  8. A new massive guide to opensource, coming from GitHub: https://opensource.guide/.
  9. Quite interesting. Any idea on the language that should be used?
  10. I get your point. I totally understand and partly agree: vendor lock-ins create problems, sooner or later. I may say mainly because of a more decent support for mobile devices.
  11. Any reasons for not preferring HipChat instead of IRC? https://www.hipchat.com/
  12. Hi guys, while looking at the Telegram Web repo i found it uses a board to manage issue states, do you think it would be of any use here? Here's the link: https://waffle.io/
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