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  1. https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCoreDatabases are all the databases i found.
  2. you don't compile on debug mode with DWITH_COREDEBUG
  3. --- Canned message start --- This thread does not belong in this section in its current form, and should be reposted in the tracker. Please read this thread to make your future help requests more effective. Read This too Search on tracker before posting any bug report. --- Canned message end ---
  4. for the 1st, outdated wiki. for the 2nd, use ingame command lookup spell <name> the spell_dbc spells are server side only spells.
  5. we don't support legion and even less mysql 8.0
  6. you need wow 8.2.0 for master branch, you cannot use wow 8.2.5.
  7. you have a broken git repository mixing 3.3.5a and master branches, i suggest you to delete the repo and clone 3.3.5a branch selecting it from dropdown.
  8. you cannot one easy mode,also world ain't designed for them, try .gm fly on and move around orgrimmar, silvermoon or stormwind.
  9. you only need full rebuild if: some critical files changed. you updated OS and pch needs to be removed.
  10. --- Canned message start --- This help request is in no way related to the official codebase of TrinityCore and/or TrinityDatabase and does not belong on these boards. --- Canned message end
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