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  1. Using: master-branch -updated today. On command .event start Id (winter veil) or on 15 Dec when event starts, some of sql data missing after cities remapped. Maybe objects arent spawned yet. Or its a problem?
  2. anyone has 8.2.5 script, working as account creation page? thanks. PS: cant find right now, updated ver
  3. I can give you maps,dbc, vmaps extracted. To connect please use arctium client launcher, and edit config.wtf with SET portal "your server ip" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" ...... If all its done correctly, will work fine (Tested!!)
  4. thanks for fast reply, is there any solution to connect client to trinity core problem solved... with arctium launcher
  5. i compiled it , on fresh git clone with no error, but i dont have dbc and maps. And patcher to run on client
  6. im looking for the same issue, nothing found yet...
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