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  1. sanks it's work for my, stock extractors are work perfectly for my after replase casc sources...
  2. Hi! I jast build last core from master brunch, download client, extract maps, populate database, add account, and how I can connect from retail client? config.wtf I edited... How I can build connection patcher for retail? My client just don't try connect to login server! Tools build are enabled but connection_patcher don't build just map extractors... Windows 10 x64 build x64 Release casc library updated by my, boost 1_69_0 msvc-14.1 builded without error's! Please help! I just edit CMakeLists.txt to build with msvc beacouse my I have visual studio 2019 preview 3 installed and replace src folder from last casc source, map extracted successful Bnet.logServer.log Config.wtfCMakeLists.txt
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