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  2. Ofcourse I need to open ports for friends to connect? The server is still behind a router ( So in the auth and worldserver, CHECK Well, the is for me. When Im trying to connect to my ip (from gaming computer), I mean the internet ip or whatever you call it, it doesnt work. I have asked a friend to do that also but no luck there either. I guess it will take some time for you to answer again so in the meanwhile Ill try to remove the no-ip thingy and just try my "internet-ip"
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  4. Read for what a DNS (Domain Name Server) and host files are used. Than you understand why you don't need them as long your are connecting from IP to IP. IP binding to in conf files (both auth and world) means the servers are listening on all IPs and that's fine for you. As I understand you have 2 LANs: WAN | WAN-IP to Router ( | | ---- Gameserver ( | LAN1-IP to Router ( | | ---- PC (192.168.2.?/ In this configuration you don't need port forwarding but you have to open in the firewall of the gameserver 2 ports 8085 and 3724 (or better switch off the firewall for testing) In your WoW realmlist set the server IP: In your Auth database in table realmlist you have to enter in the field address your server ip: That's all, I think.
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  6. Hello! Soooo Im having issues connecting to my server from my gaming computer to the server computer. Im using 3.3.5 branch. My server computer is behind first router in the house ( and my gaming computer is behind that router also but also behind ( but that shouldnt matter just connecting I guess? But wanted to put it out there. I have set up a DNS and that one works connecting to to the server from the servercomputer. I have opened all the ports, probably more then I need. I have tried to change the localAddress inside auth / realmlist / data to everything I can think of. To the dns, to all my LAN ips, to WAN ip none worked for me to connect to from the gaming computer. I have added servercomputer ip to hosts file ( and WAN ip and ( I have tried changing the bind ip inside authserver.conf but have understood that it should be ( I am running out of options to try. Please, I have been sitting here for 3 days now, reinstalling, troubleshooting, googling. DM me and we can write to eachother on discord? Fast answers Im thinking.
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  8. Have a look at supervisord. You can add both auth and world processes here and then easily start and stop them from the command line. You can even set them up in dependent order, so that when world starts, it'll then go ahead and start auth.
  9. When adding loot to creature on master branch I add in the database and reload but no loot drops I have even tried a server restart and no loot. Can someone tell me how to add it correctly please I have tried comparing with a npc that does have loot but it don't seem to make any difference I'm trying to add the item to a npc for a quest buzz box 413 as it does not drop off the mob like it should
  10. So I got the master branch up and running but there seems to be an issue with attacking after looting an enemy. I've tried searching online but can't seem to find anything on it so I am assuming either I have made a mess or the latest files have an issue. The only fix I have found for it so far is to logout and log back in, however once you loot a enemy it happens again. If you need any files let me know, I should mention I haven't seen anything related to it popup in the server log.
  11. I messed around for a while with finding some commands that allow you to detach from processes that are running in terminal. The first I found was `screen` which lets you run the auth server and the world server inside containers that you can detach from and continue working with other commands. The problem with this is that if you're connecting with SSH or a remote desktop connection to your linux machine, as soon as you disconnect it will close your screen sessions. Screen Examples: screen -AdmS authserver /the/full/path/to/authserver <- loads the authserver program into a session called authserver screen -AdmS worldserver /the/full/path/to/worldserver <- loads the worldserver program into a session called authserver screen -ls <- list the available screen sessions screen -r worldserver <- reconnects to the worldserver session so that you can issue commands Next I found `tmux` which virtually does the same thing as `screen` except that it appeared to not close the sessions after disconnecting from SSH. Tmux Examples: tmux <- creates new terminal session /home/<user>/server/bin/authserver <- start authserver as normal Detach from the session by pressing CTRL+B then D. Repeat this process for worldserver. tmux list-sessions <- list the available tmux sessions tmux attach-session -t 0 <- reconnects to the session that you specify with the session ID If anybody has a better answer or another tool they use to automate the status of their servers, I'd be happy to hear them.
  12. I just recently decided to rent a remote Ubuntu server for a variety of reasons, one of which was to migrate my 3.3.5 server from an at home Windows machine. I thought it would be nice to not have to maintain a computer at my house anymore. So I'm looking around for ways to control the server remotely, either through a CMS portal, or running the world and auth servers as a service that is started automatically with the system, something that can be controlled either through SSH or RA or other remote methods. I found this post which details how to install pre-compiled versions of the core, db, and tools but since I'm already building it myself I wondered if there was a way to apply the automation tools available to a manually compiled build.
  13. I decided to just bypass the hotfix database entirely due to the lack of information on the wiki (As well as on the internet) and just manually do it via editing the source code. You'll need to edit Player.cpp, Player.h, World.cpp and World.h for this to work: Player.cpp will involve inserting the following function above the Player::WorldSession statement: void Player::SetupRaceSize() { uint8 race = getRace(); float size; { switch (race) { case RACE_HUMAN: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_HUMAN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_ORC: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_ORC_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_PANDAREN_NEUTRAL: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_PANDAREN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_PANDAREN_ALLIANCE: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_PANDARENALLIANCE_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_PANDAREN_HORDE: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_PANDARENHORDE_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_MAGHAR_ORC: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_MAGHARORC_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_DWARF: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_DWARF_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_DARK_IRON_DWARF: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_DARKIRONDWARF_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_DRAENEI: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_DRAENEI_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_LIGHTFORGED_DRAENEI: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_LIGHTFORGEDDRAENEI_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_GNOME: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_GNOME_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_NIGHTELF: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_NIGHTELF_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_WORGEN: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_WORGEN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_UNDEAD_PLAYER: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_UNDEAD_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_TAUREN: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_TAUREN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_HIGHMOUNTAIN_TAUREN: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_HIGHMOUNTAINTAUREN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_TROLL: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_TROLL_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_BLOODELF: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_BLOODELF_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_VOID_ELF: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_VOIDELF_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_GOBLIN: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_GOBLIN_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; case RACE_NIGHTBORNE: size = sWorld->getFloatConfig(CONFIG_NIGHTBORNE_SIZE); SetObjectScale(size); break; default: SetObjectScale(1.0f); } } } Also in Player.cpp, you'll then need to comment out the three "SetObjectScale(1.0f);" declarations using comments (which would be done by putting two // in front of the declaration) and place in below them the function "SetupRaceSize();" without quotes. So in other words: //SetObjectScale(1.0f); SetupRaceSize(); ============================= For Player.h , it's just one line to add: void SetupRaceSize(); ============================= For World.cpp, place the following lines in the World::LoadConfigSettings function: m_float_configs[CONFIG_GNOME_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("GnomeSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_HUMAN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("HumanSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_ORC_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("OrcSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_DWARF_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("DwarfSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_DARKIRONDWARF_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("DarkIronDwarfSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_DRAENEI_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("DraeneiSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_LIGHTFORGEDDRAENEI_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("LightForgedDraeneiSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_UNDEAD_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("UndeadSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_TAUREN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("TaurenSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_HIGHMOUNTAINTAUREN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("HighMountainTaurenSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_BLOODELF_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("BloodElfSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_VOIDELF_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("VoidElfSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_NIGHTELF_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("NightElfSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_NIGHTBORNE_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("NightborneSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_GOBLIN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("GoblinSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_WORGEN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("WorgenSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_PANDAREN_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("PandarenSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_PANDARENALLIANCE_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("PandarenAllianceSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_PANDARENHORDE_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("PandarenHordeSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_MAGHARORC_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("MagharOrcSize", SEC_CONSOLE); m_float_configs[CONFIG_TROLL_SIZE] = sConfigMgr->GetFloatDefault("TrollSize", SEC_CONSOLE); ============================= For World.h, add these lines in the "enum WorldFloatConfigs" section: CONFIG_GNOME_SIZE, CONFIG_HUMAN_SIZE, CONFIG_ORC_SIZE, CONFIG_DWARF_SIZE, CONFIG_DARKIRONDWARF_SIZE, CONFIG_DRAENEI_SIZE, CONFIG_LIGHTFORGEDDRAENEI_SIZE, CONFIG_UNDEAD_SIZE, CONFIG_TAUREN_SIZE, CONFIG_HIGHMOUNTAINTAUREN_SIZE, CONFIG_BLOODELF_SIZE, CONFIG_VOIDELF_SIZE, CONFIG_NIGHTELF_SIZE, CONFIG_NIGHTBORNE_SIZE, CONFIG_WORGEN_SIZE, CONFIG_GOBLIN_SIZE, CONFIG_PANDAREN_SIZE, CONFIG_PANDARENALLIANCE_SIZE, CONFIG_PANDARENHORDE_SIZE, CONFIG_TROLL_SIZE, CONFIG_MAGHARORC_SIZE, Then, in your worldserver config, place this text block somewhere inside: ################################################################################################### # PLAYER RACE SIZE SETTINGS # # GnomeSize = 1 HumanSize = 1 WorgenSize = 1 OrcSize = 1 MagharOrcSize = 1 GoblinSize = 1 PandarenSize = 1 PandarenAllianceSize = 1 PandarenHordeSize = 1 DraeneiSize = 1 LightForgedDraeneiSize = 1 DwarfSize = 1 DarkIronDwarfSize = 1 NightElfSize = 1 NightborneSize = 1 BloodElfSize = 1 VoidElfSize = 1 TrollSize = 1 TaurenSize = 1 HighMountainTaurenSize = 1 UndeadSize = 1 # # ################################################################################################### From this point, all you have to do is change the values in the worldserver config, then restart your server to see the modified size changes. This isn't the best solution to go about doing this, but it's the one way I managed to do so due to the lack of information regarding how to do this properly via the hotfix database.
  14. EDIT: I found the solution. I forgot to specify the platform as Win64, which meant that CMake was looking for the 32 bit libraries, which I don't have. I am attempting to compile TrinityCore for 3.3.5a. CMake says that it cannot find the Boost and OpenSSL libraries. I definitely have the correct ones, installed in the correct directories. https://pastebin.com/94g2kebN I've re-installed these things many times and nothing seems to help. Enviroment variable BOOST_ROOT is set correctly to C:/local/boost_1_66_0. I have the boost 1.66.0 msvc-14.1 64-bit version. OpenSSL is 1.0.2 64-bit version. The reason for using those specific versions instead of the newer ones is that I read in windows requirements guide that 1.66.0 is the minimum required version, and 1.70.0 did not work. As for OpenSSL, I read in some troubleshooting post that you cannot use the 1.1.x versions of OpenSSL – even though the requirements page states that you can use them, so I installed 1.0.2 instead. I always make sure to uninstall any previously installed versions before I install new ones, I do not have multiple versions installed.
  15. Please tell me what's wrong with boost and openssl. Since I do not know. And why, after finding the opensll, it does not find some files in include. The C compiler identification is MSVC 19.21.27702.2 The CXX compiler identification is MSVC 19.21.27702.2 Check for working C compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/Professional/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.21.27702/bin/Hostx64/x64/cl.exe Check for working C compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/Professional/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.21.27702/bin/Hostx64/x64/cl.exe -- works Detecting C compiler ABI info Detecting C compiler ABI info - done Detecting C compile features Detecting C compile features - done Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/Professional/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.21.27702/bin/Hostx64/x64/cl.exe Check for working CXX compiler: C:/Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Visual Studio/2019/Professional/VC/Tools/MSVC/14.21.27702/bin/Hostx64/x64/cl.exe -- works Detecting CXX compiler ABI info Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done Detecting CXX compile features Detecting CXX compile features - done CMake Deprecation Warning at CMakeLists.txt:22 (cmake_policy): The OLD behavior for policy CMP0005 will be removed from a future version of CMake. The cmake-policies(7) manual explains that the OLD behaviors of all policies are deprecated and that a policy should be set to OLD only under specific short-term circumstances. Projects should be ported to the NEW behavior and not rely on setting a policy to OLD. CMake Deprecation Warning at CMakeLists.txt:24 (cmake_policy): The OLD behavior for policy CMP0043 will be removed from a future version of CMake. The cmake-policies(7) manual explains that the OLD behaviors of all policies are deprecated and that a policy should be set to OLD only under specific short-term circumstances. Projects should be ported to the NEW behavior and not rely on setting a policy to OLD. Detected 64-bit platform MSVC: 64-bit platform, enforced -D_WIN64 parameter MSVC: Enabled increased number of sections in object files MSVC: Overloaded standard names MSVC: Disabled NON-SECURE warnings MSVC: Disabled POSIX warnings MSVC: Disabled generic compiletime warnings cotire 1.7.10 loaded. Found MySQL library: C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/lib/libmysql.lib Found MySQL headers: C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/include Found MySQL executable: C:/Program Files/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.7/bin/mysql.exe Found git binary : C:/Program Files/Git/cmd/git.exe Could not find a proper repository signature (hash) - you may need to pull tags with git fetch -t Continuing anyway - note that the versionstring will be set to "unknown 1970-01-01 00:00:00 (Archived)" * TrinityCore revision : unknown 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000 (Archived branch) * Install core to : C:/Program Files (x86)/TrinityCore * Build world/auth : Yes (default) * Build with scripts : Yes (static) * Build map/vmap tools : Yes (default) * Build core w/PCH : Yes (default) * Build scripts w/PCH : Yes (default) * Show compile-warnings : No (default) * Use coreside debug : No (default) * Show source tree : Yes (hierarchical) * Use GIT revision hash : Yes (default) Looking for pthread.h Looking for pthread.h - not found Found Threads: TRUE CMake Warning (dev) at dep/boost/CMakeLists.txt:50 (find_package): Policy CMP0074 is not set: find_package uses <PackageName>_ROOT variables. Run "cmake --help-policy CMP0074" for policy details. Use the cmake_policy command to set the policy and suppress this warning. Environment variable Boost_ROOT is set to: C:/local/boost_1_70_0/ For compatibility, CMake is ignoring the variable. This warning is for project developers. Use -Wno-dev to suppress it. Boost version: 1.70.0 Found the following Boost libraries: system filesystem thread program_options iostreams regex Performing Test boost_filesystem_copy_links_without_NO_SCOPED_ENUM Performing Test boost_filesystem_copy_links_without_NO_SCOPED_ENUM - Failed Looking for open Looking for open - found Found OpenSSL library: optimized;C:/OpenSSL/lib/VC/libssl64MD.lib;C:/OpenSSL/lib/VC/libcrypto64MD.lib;debug;C:/OpenSSL/lib/VC/libssl64MDd.lib;C:/OpenSSL/lib/VC/libcrypto64MDd.lib Found OpenSSL headers: C:/OpenSSL/include Looking for kqueue Looking for kqueue - not found Looking for epoll_create Looking for epoll_create - not found Looking for sys/types.h Looking for sys/types.h - found Looking for stdint.h Looking for stdint.h - found Looking for stddef.h Looking for stddef.h - found Check size of struct pollfd Check size of struct pollfd - failed Looking for pollset_create Looking for pollset_create - not found Looking for poll Looking for poll - not found Detected select polling method Looking for include file ifaddrs.h Looking for include file ifaddrs.h - not found Looking for include file sys/uio.h Looking for include file sys/uio.h - not found Looking for include file sys/eventfd.h Looking for include file sys/eventfd.h - not found CXX target common cotired without unity build. CXX target database cotired without unity build. CXX target shared cotired without unity build. CXX RC target authserver cotired without unity build. CXX RC target bnetserver cotired without unity build. CXX target game cotired without unity build. * Script configuration (static): | +- worldserver | +- Commands | +- Custom | +- EasternKingdoms | +- Events | +- Kalimdor | +- Maelstrom | +- Northrend | +- OutdoorPvP | +- Outland | +- Pet | +- Spells | +- World | CXX target scripts cotired without unity build. CXX RC target worldserver cotired without unity build. Configuring done
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  17. Hello. I'm working on some kind of admin app in c# to allow my crew and myself to start/stop the servers and update files in the core folder remotely, but i can't figure out how to start the server. When i'm trying to do so, I can see something launching in my taskbar but it immediately close and the log for the server file does not update. On the C# side the process code tell me that the process started successfully and it is working with other softwares so i guess it does not come from there. I suppose it is the server that is closing immediately. Is there something specific to know when starting the server from another app ? Here is the c# code if it can help to find the problem : if(p_command.Equals("StartServer")) { LogMessage("Starting server..."); Send(handler, "ServerStarting"); try { using (Process myProcess = new Process()) { myProcess.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false; myProcess.StartInfo.FileName = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["corePath"] + "/authserver.exe"; myProcess.StartInfo.WorkingDirectory = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["corePath"]; //This line solved the problem myProcess.Start(); } } catch (Exception e) { LogMessage(e.Message); } } Edit : I found the solution. By starting the process from my c# app, it wasn't setting the working directory of the server automatically which caused it to not find the dll, ... The solution to this problem is the line pointed above. Have a nice day !
  18. Kinda confused.. over 73views and u telling me no1 is able to help out in any way>? lol - also now we having issue with MYSQL , if any1 knows about that it would be great for some help.
  19. **Updated** Looking for someone who knows how to setup the trinityCore server , Having issue with the setup and could use some Help. Would be interested in hiring someone for Overall help to get the server up.. or again if anyone is feeling generous to help out with the setup.' DM me for more info.. ty
  20. You are very funny, you never told me that this location was in AppData, you told me half the truth and I was very desperate for a while, but I sincerely like you anyway.
  21. Debian 10 as been shipped, we recommend anyway to stop using gcc and switch to clang, also some day boost version for linux will be increased to 1.67 (debian 10 stable's version)
  22. Currently running: TrinityCore rev. 9685c9346dfe+ 2019-05-26 10:56:12 +0200 (master branch) (Win64, RelWithDebInfo, Static) I'm basically just trying to change the size of one player race (Example: Gnomes) to something higher than their value is normally set to. I created a creature_display_info and hotfix_data entry in the hotfix database regarding the gnome's ID, however the only thing that changes visually regarding scale is the camera position, which is positioned where it should be for the scaled model. The issue is that the actual model isn't scaled, it remains at its normal size for some reason. Google searching shows changing a player race's size was possible before the switch to the hotfix database over merely using DB2 and MPQ files, so am I missing something internally to make the scaling work properly?
  23. I added script in the core but https://www.wowhead.com/npc=58078 don't cast spell. Code: class npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_Ones : public CreatureScript { public: npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_Ones() : CreatureScript("npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_Ones") { } struct npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_OnesAI : CasterAI { npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_OnesAI(Creature* creature) : CasterAI(creature) {} uint32 Mindflays_Timer; void InitializeAI() { CasterAI::InitializeAI(); Unit* owner = me->GetOwner(); if (!owner) return; me->SetReactState(REACT_AGGRESSIVE); } void UpdateAI(const uint32 diff) { if (!UpdateVictim()) return; if (Mindflays_Timer <= diff) { DoCast(me->GetVictim(), 52586); Mindflays_Timer = 6000; } else Mindflays_Timer -= diff; } void EnterCombat(Unit* /*who*/) { DoCast(me->GetVictim(), 52586); } }; CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* creature) const { return new npc_Tentacle_of_the_Old_OnesAI(creature); } }; P.S. I added script in DB.
  24. You should either use SOAP from your website to connect to running worldserver and send .accont set password comand (preferred) or just clear s and v fields from auth.account (this method might go away in undetermined future)
  25. I think I solved issue, I removed space in folder menu, deleted cashe and chosen visual studio x64 instead leaving empty, formated and generated without errors. ty Aokromes
  26. I can give you maps,dbc, vmaps extracted. To connect please use arctium client launcher, and edit config.wtf with SET portal "your server ip" SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" ...... If all its done correctly, will work fine (Tested!!)
  27. One of the functions of the registration web application I'm building for my servers allows a user to change their password through the application, but during my testing I've seen some really weird behavior: The new 'sha_pass_hash' gets updated to appropriately reflect the value the user chose for their new password, and it allows them to log into the web application fine, but from within the 3.3.5a client, their old password is the one that still authenticates them successfully. At first I thought the old passwords were kept in memory somewhere, but I had power-cycled the VM running TrinityCore and the database and the behavior is persistent. My application doesn't store credentials in memory either, the most I do is serialize the 'username' and 'id' columns from 'auth.account' into a timed JWT that I use on my front-end for seamless navigation through the app without forcing the user to do basic HTTP authentication everytime an API endpoint is called. I was also wondering if this had something to do with the 'sessionkey' columns, however I can't find any description in the documentation about what those hashes are and if it's safe to clear them. Some code, for reference (The back-end for this is a REST API written in Python with Flask and Flask-SQLAlchemy): SQLAlchemy model for the 'account' table Authentication logic The 'update password' function
  28. Hi ! I'm using last version of 3.3.5 TC branch (with TDB 335.19061), and we have an issue with the mage lvl 20 class quest (Investigate the Alchemist Shop). This bug has been reported and partially fixed by different people, as seen on this github page : https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/issues/18997 I tried to re-apply this : https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/commit/aadd58284e94bc70c96244b61c3933db2211fed1 The ghosts are now selectable but the box cannot be placed neither. Conclusion : at the moment, this quest is supposed to be fixed in #9717, but there are still problems with it. A c++ rewrite has even be proposed in 2014. This seems to be tricky though. Anyone here could maybe help me about it ? I'm trying to fix it for 3 days by myself, and quite confused now... Thanks in advance
  29. 301/5000 307/5000 It did not work And I already deleted the two folders that by the way was empty and I do not understand why they mentioned them, for me the problem is in TrinityCore, I do not know if it is necessary to delete an existing file or write a reset command, so I ask you to please that they continue trying to help me, thank you very much. Edit: I forgot to clarify that it is a custom item
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