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  3. hi all, another topic. I looked around for that one but couldn't find an answer. I dowloaded the most recent trinity core repack and am using wow client. I can easily login but get stuck at 'logging in to server'. can't see anything in the logs folder. If I use an older version of wow (8.0.28xxx) and downgrade the realm version in auth/realmlist, everythig works fine. Can't understand what I am doing wrong. Any idea? I'm happy to provide more detail... if you let me know what exactly you need. thanks Michele
  4. hello all, new poster here looking for help. I am using trinity core and wow 8.01. I would like to add some item sets on my chars and cannot understand how to add raid finder sets. For example, https://www.wowhead.com/item-set=1290/regalia-of-shackled-elements when I add the set, I only get the normal set. the raid finder items are nowhere to be found. If I look up the item # in wowhead, it doesn't change from lfr to normal to heroic or mythic. it seems to just be considered a recolor. Same happens if I add the single sets item, they only get the normal set color, not LFR or mythic or whatever else. So the question is, any idea how I can add a LFR item with the LFR color? Hope I have been clear, and thanks in advance for your help. cheers Michele
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  7. --- Canned message start --- It appears the issue in the original post was solved, so this thread shall be closed. Should you encounter any other difficulties, please open a new thread. --- Canned message end ---
  8. It looks like they've updated the source to increase the max poi to 50 now. I'm pulling down the latest source to recompile now. That should fix it without requiring manually modifying on our own.
  9. Hey csanburn - I have the same Problem - but in my Linux setup there is no scenariopackets.h any Idea ?
  10. So - think I was able to fix this myself by downloading an english client version ... and all was fine
  11. Hey all, i hope that I am right here with my request - was not sure where to adress ist elsewhere - did not want to open a git issue :/ I have some trouble after I assemble the vmaps with vmap4assembler. I am using master branch to build all things. So far everything was working till the assembly. I am running Debian9.11 - freshly installed. I get an error: Error reading ModelSpawn, file name too long! - Stops at Map532 and then jumps to the calculation - no more maps after 532 get processed it seems and extractor stops with Calculating model bounds for map 532... readfail, op = 0 Creating map tree for map 532... Converting Model Files Converting readfail, op = 0 error converting exit with errors Hope I posted all at the right position here Thanks a lot for helping in advance!!
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  13. kinda figured it out but all the skills all reset to 1/75 after i log out and back in which isn't to much a problem for crafting (at first atlest) but it is for gathering. At this point im just gonna head back to 3.3.5
  14. Debian 10 ships: Package: gcc (4:8.3.0-1) Package: clang (1:7.0-47)
  15. sigh i just cant get it to work, i got an addon to show them all the professions "Titan Panel" but when i log out and back in one or more of them gives an "blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI´╗┐" error. the rest get locked at 0/0 and i ether cant make anything or i can make just one thing but level wont go up
  16. Don't think that quest part is implemented in Trinity, since they do rely on the "blizzlike" implementation, and Classic WoW wasn't around for a "couple" of years, maybe soon it will change since ppl will be able to provide sniffs from the official Classic servers. As for the achievements, whenever you use the /gm on command, no achievements will be awarded to you, if you get for example Invincible and use it without the /gm on then you will get achievement.
  17. you can just make macros like "/cast alchemy" for each profession you have, not really a fix, but a way to go
  18. Hi, having same issue on Did you find a solution? Thanks ----------------- EDIT: Never mind, used Arctium launcher... Realm was incompatible; edited build in the MySQL. Seem to work now
  19. Thanks for the fast response, is there any particularter addon i need or you suggest? Everyone i try ether dosent have all the professions or gives an "blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI" error
  20. you need one addon to show the rest.
  21. Hello still new here, Anyone know how to set up more then 2 professions on the 8.2.0 master build? The "spell book" only holds the skills for 2 Professions, iv tryed editing the config "cranked it to 11" but it wont show anymore. The only slight loop hole i found is to add each Profession one by one and add the spells to the hot bar before adding the next Profession
  22. I changed the scenariopackets.h entry for MAX_ALLOWED_SCENARIO_POI_QUERY_SIZE from 42 to 84, to see if that would help. Now the worldserver.exe runs without crashing. Hopefully this change has no bad side effect later. Loading scenarios >> Loaded 194 instance scenario entries in 2 ms Loading scenario poi data >> Loaded 0 scenario POI definitions. DB table `scenario_poi` is empty. World initialized in 5 minutes 13 seconds TC>TrinityCore rev. 0d6320dfd393 2019-08-08 09:06:16 +0200 (master branch) (Win6 4, RelWithDebInfo, Static) (worldserver-daemon) ready...
  23. Running worldserver.exe, built from master branch, for the first time after compiling. Running 64 bit under Windows Server 2012. Battle pet info loads and then scenarios start to load and I get the following error. I don't recall ever seeing a step in the guide about setting a max allowed scenario query size. Did I miss something? Loading battle pets info... >> Loaded 2884 battle pet breeds. >> Loaded 998 battle pet qualities. Loading scenarios D:\Trinity\src\server\game\Scenarios\ScenarioMgr.cpp:132 in ScenarioMgr::LoadDB2 Data ASSERTION FAILED: deepestCriteriaTreeSize < MAX_ALLOWED_SCENARIO_POI_QUERY_SIZE MAX_ALLOWED_SCEN ARIO_POI_QUERY_SIZE must be at least 43
  24. Ive downloaded a trinity core repack and got everything set up, Ive portforwarded both port 3724 and 8085 with the external ip as the one i got from whatsmyip.org. and internal ip from the ipv4 address i found from ipconfig. Ive also put the ip from whatsmyip.org in the realmlist in the database. I changed the realmlist.wtf in the data/enUS folder to that ip too. When i run the mysql.bat, then the authserver then the worldserver, I start my 3.3.5 wow client up and I notice that there is no server name, and when i try to log in to the account i created it says connecting for a good minute before giving me the unable to connect message. I'm not sure what im doing wrong authserver.conf worldserver.conf
  25. hello, new here, does that mean you cant have say one server running the two versions of WoW (ie 3.3.5 and master) not necessarily at the same time mind you, that the client changes would not allow for both to work (sorry if this is a stupid question like i said im new) if so is there a way to easy switch between the 2?
  26. Have option to migrate on Media WIKI based wia UWC ? p.s its me gave advice a long time ago about cf <3
  27. Post wasn't posting, then showed up three times, can't delete my own post.
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