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  1. 7 hours ago, polszki said:

    The wow 6.2.4en(eu) client still available somewhere?

    Yes, google (actually, better to use duckduckgo or yandex for such things)

    7 hours ago, polszki said:

    And if i get it one, can i connect to the server with the master branch?

    No, as Shauren said

    3 hours ago, polszki said:

    Yeah, but if i remove the latest content from te core, and i change the client type and version in the core, its possibile it can be run, or i have to modify too much things in the core for run?

    'I guess' to the first, yes to the second. You'd have to 'modify' a shitload of things

    3 hours ago, polszki said:

    Maybe better, if i write a new core for it?

    If you're hellbent on using WoD (personally, I don't see why you would be. TC Master has all WoD content, and more, and the difference in available tools between WoD and BfA is, to my knowledge, negligible), it would make more sense to find an existing WoD core - there are some - and modify it, if you have to.

  2. I'm using the currently passing 4.3.4 build



    I don't even know where to start, because everything is just totally screwed up.

    First, worldserver was crashing because it tried to update the sql tables using files for 335->434 sql conversion (I've no idea why they were even present in the source). I just deleted those files and all seemed ok (except for the fact that it still updates some sql tables every time I run it)

    Then, I found out that the locales_creature table is basically absent from the database. Weirdly, some npcs have names in English and some - in Russian (when I see them in game). Also, texts in books are unreadable because they appear as random letters/signs.

    Now I just noticed that the item_template table only contains 207 records (I noticed that because I was going to edit an item in Truice, but it couldn't find it). Most bizzarely, the game client and worldserver.exe can still somehow access all items (lookup, add, etc.), including those not present in the item_template table.

    Please, help me before I go totally insane


    P.S. An additional problem for those of you who enjoy this: I'm trying to extract vmaps from my 4.3.4 client, and it seems to be working fine (with an occasional err=2), but in the end I get this: 


    Then the program closes and my vmaps folder is empty.

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