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  1. Hello all, first time posting here and it's really got me scratching my head.

    I've compiled everything on my own computer, and then transferred everything to a host computer so the server can stay live. The server was running fine for a month or so and then suddenly it just crashes when it hits "Loading C++ scripts", exiting saying "caught signal 22"

    I tried setting up the host computer from scratch and transferred everything over fresh and it's still happening for some reason. (Note, I can run the server perfectly on my personal pc where I compiled it.)

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    3d7e3a40e2b3+_worldserver.exe_[1-4_15-19-45].dmp 3d7e3a40e2b3+_worldserver.exe_[1-4_15-19-45].txt

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