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Respawn creature and update data base


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Here's the deal: I have to develop a new system looks like Alterac, for example, we have King Varian Wrynn and two lords to kill. The first lord to Westfall and the second in Goldshire. When a lord is alive, it gives a bonus to the King (damage, life...). The goal is to kill lords before attacking the faction leader.
I finished most of the work but I have a problem to solve: the respawn. I work with a `chef_faction` table with the following columns:
  • Faction leader: UInt32 Entry;
  • Lord: UInt32 Entry;
  • Alive: Boolean;
  • Aura: UInt32 Entry;
When the player isn't close to a lord, the JustRespawned() method can't be called because of verification of chunk distance between the NPC and the player.
How can I do to fix it and change the Alive value to false ?
Thank you for your answers !
- Belitharian
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