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[3.3.5] - City guide NPC / Class trainer / Class (typo)

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Hi there.

Just compiled TrinityCore for the first time after a lot of work... Everything works wonders, but I´ve noticed that if I go to a main city NPC guide, with a esES (Spanish) client, I get the following (but in Spanish):

- What you´re looking for? / A Class trainer/ 

- What class trainer you´re looking for? / $gCazador:Cazadora; (which in English stands for "$gHunter;Huntress;).

Rest of the classes names are fine. Now, I don´t know where to find the specific file in the DB so I can correct that... any ideas?

Other than that, all works like a charm (except any transmog/ reforge script, which is another story...)

EDIT: Also, I´d like to change/ translate other NPCs options text, like Transmog/ Reforge NPC options text. I can´t find anywhere info about where is that specific file/ table located...



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