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Bat file doesn't detect Wow.exe


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Hi everyone

I just compiled a new 3.3.5 server for personal use and wanted to make a batch file to run authserver.exe, worldserver.exe and the Wow.exe executable subsequently. However, whenever I make the following batch file, it tells me it "can't find Wow.exe", even though the directory and spelling are all correct. I made a new batch file to test out possible fixes to the problem (where I only ask to launch Wow.exe) to no avail. The error keeps popping up. authserver.exe and worldserver.exe do launch succesfully though.

These are the commands I used for the batch file:

@echo off
cd "authserver.exe and worldserver.exe location"
start authserver.exe
timeout 5
start worldserver.exe
timeout 35
cd "Wow.exe location"
start Wow.exe

To be clear: the text in cursive replaces my directory paths. It's not the actual text I put in the batch file. And authserver/worldserver and Wow.exe run from separate disks, if that matters (C: and D: respectively).

Does anyone have an idea how I can solve this?

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