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I'm trying to make a WotLK local LAN server but it doesn't work. It work, by default, on the computer where server is installed but not on the other PCs.


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Hello everyone, I hope you can help me with my problem.

I have downloaded this ready-to-use "World of Warcraft WoTLK + Private Server Emulator" from 1377x and seems to work really well on the computer where is installed. Is based on Trinity and provide both server and the game.
If I want the game to be "opened", the readme tell me to edit authserver.conf but not much else. And I don't think is the right way to proceed.

Now, let's say that all local IPs are static.
The server (MySQL, Authserver, Worldserver) is located on connected to my router via WiFi.
The game is located on and connected directly to my router with a ethernet cable (this PC do not have WiFi).

I start the server programs (1st MySQL.bat, then authserver.exe and last worldserver.exe) with all default options, everything load fine.
In the game PC I changed the realmlist.wtf in "set realmlist"

I can connect from game computer with the default credentials provided (admins/admins) and WoW show me the server list (just one, Trinity). If I click Trinity it says "Logging in to game server" but then return to server list.

I read/watch maaaany tutorials and they show me that I should modify, with HeidiSQL, the auth>realmslist>address from to the server IP: LocalAddress and LocalSubnetMask leave as default: and

Then, always on server PC, I port forwarded the TCP 3724 and 8085. Not sure if was necessary as I found that Trinity had already opened many ports on server PC.

I also port forwarded the same 3724 and 8085 ports on my router with the server PC address.
I even tried to disable (temporarily) server firewal!

Nothing has changed. I can login, credentials were accepted, but can't access the world. As always it says "Logging in to game server" but then return to server list.

I'm out of ideas, any help? ^^'

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