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  1. ArenaSeason.InProgress = 0 disactive the arena season, so a player will not receive the arena points through the 10 games (weekly), and can't see the arena team in his honor/arena window status. ArenaSeason.ID handle which arena season is active, the difference between the season are the set pvp sold by the pvp/honor vendors, the set that these vendors sell depend from arena season, so if you change this value the items of these vendors should be change. Edit: I'm not sure about the last but the arena season are strongly connected with the pvp sets
  2. Here https://www.trinitycore.info/display/tc/Requirements I can't see the guide to install the core on Linux, why?
  3. HI all, in these days I'm trying to understand the algorithm that WoWHead and OpenWoW use to get the icon of an item (or an achievements etc.) anyone know how to obtain that? the icon name should be like this "inv_fabric_purplefire_o01" (http://wow.zamimg.com/images/wow/icons/large/inv_fabric_purplefire_01.jpg) EDIT: I did with this https://community.trinitycore.org/topic/11350-trinitycore-json-restful-api/?do=findComment&comment=77778
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