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  1. I checked WowHead and make sure the displayid on both npcs are correct. I thought they might have their modelid wrong but that is not the case. Here is the quest from WowHead. http://www.wowhead.com/quest=11523/arm-the-wards#comments Apparently I have to loot something from the dead npcs in order to finish the quest and since they're not visible, I can't loot it. Tried as I might, I checked on both unit_flags and unit_flags2's flag descriptions but could not find anything that makes reference to being invisible. Guess I'm at a lost. Tried with the most recent version TrinityCore
  2. It's from an revision a few days back... TrinityCore rev. aa6cd460eecb 2017-05-29 20:12:11 -0300 (3.3.5 branch) (Win64, Release, Static) (worldserver-daemon) ready... I guess I can update to the latest version and see if that makes a different.
  3. As title suggested, was running around at the Shattered Sun area and trying to do a quest called Arm the Wards!. It require the killing of Wretched Fiend and Wretched Devourers. Unfortunately they're invisible and when I run around the area, they will attack me but I can't see them but I could attack back as long as I'm pointed toward the npc's direction. Was reading up on Creature_Template in the wiki but could not find the right entry to edit. What control whether a npc is visible or not? Unit_flags or Unit_flag2 and what is the value for it? Thanks for any assistance.
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