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  1. Hello, I've finally found a non-cracked version of VS2008. I installed it, installed SP1, then installed the hotfix... but still, edit and continue isn't working. For example, I tried to edit this code snippet from unit.cpp: //... if (dummySpell->SpellIconID == 2622) { if (player->GetCurrentRune(i) == RUNE_DEATH || player->GetBaseRune(i) == RUNE_BLOOD) continue; } else { if (player->GetCurrentRune(i) == RUNE_DEATH || player->GetBaseRune(i) != RUNE_BLOOD) continue; } the things I tried out was: commenting the second condition in "if(player->GetCurrentRune(i)..." ; adding an "int i = 0" before the if condition. Both gives me the following error: My VS2008 is englisch 32 bit, edit & continue is enabled. Any additional ideas what I could do? I can't think of working with the trinity core this way, having to compile & wait for the server to start for every little code change I do. Or is there maybe some way to get the server to start faster in debug build? It takes almost 2-3 minutes on my high-end not a year old pc, while in release mode, its like 15-20 seconds. Any help would be highly appreciated!
  2. That's what I was afraid of, too.. in that case, where would I get a legal regular copy of VS 2008? I'd already bought one, if not for the fact that it doesn't seem to be selled anymore. Or should I call MS phone service, so they could maybe to make a patch for VS 10, like they did back then?
  3. What part are you referring to where I said I don't understand german? Granted my englisch isn't all perfect, so I might have confused you, but I'm a native german speaker. As for buying VS, I didn't buy it (at least the 2008 version), I downloaded the free "Express Edition". So my question was: Can I apply this patch to a german express version of VS or do I need an englisch and/or "higher" version of VS for it to work?
  4. I already tried to install the patch but it failed, saying something about that "no software was found to apply this patch to". Trying to install the SP1 gives me a similar message. The source I downloaded the .iso for says that it already has SP1, and the "info" window says I have the "Version 9.0.30729.1 SP". The error-message of the SP1 also states it is not compatible to the Express Edition. Is it possible to apply this patch to an express edition of VS or do I need a higher version (which I don't see where to get it from anymore). Or is it maybe an issue with the languege? I did install it in german after all, too. Thanks in advance!
  5. So I tried it with VS 2008, but I experience exactly the same issues. Let me summarize what I did, to make sure that I didn't leave anything out. 1. I set the build to "Debug". 2. I checked that target is set to "Win32". 3. I set "debug information format" to "program database for edit and continue" for every single project that had this flag (everything except INSTALL, ALL_BUILT and ZERO_CHECK) 4. I checked that "enable incremental linking" is set to "yes" 5. I set the "debugging command paramteres" of the auth and world server to be "-c T:TrinityBuildbinDebugauthserver.conf" (worldserver.conf for latter). 6. I changed the working directory of both of the auth and world server to T:TrinityBuildbinDebug, where they get compiled to, and all the dll's, dbc and maps are. 7. I set up the multiple startup projects" to start both the auth and world server. 8. I checked that "edit and continue" is enabled. So uhm... anything that I forget? I still get this "code changes that cannot be compiled -> "edit", "end", "abort" " - message... or some more ideas which settings I could check?
  6. This gives me only a ~1.5mb sized folder without any .exe (only three sub-folders with a few archives in it. Seems like I deinstalled it a while ago, weird. Anyway, that way I can download & install the english version, might eventually come in handy for this project. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks for your quick reply! Unfortunately this didn't solve the problem. I tried to google before and came across a lot of posts, specially on stackoverflow, but all of them where about .net-framework consolse aps etc.. , so most of the settings they changed to make it work doesn't even exist for here. Or do they? For example "Projects>Properties>Build -> Optimize Code". Maybe I don't find them, as for the german thing.. Yes, I am. Yes, I do have, I just checked it. I'm launching through the debugger, pressing "F5" in VS. Thanks for the help anyway, unless you've got some other idea (I see that its hard to "quess" whats going wrong here) I'll try and install VS2008.. fun fact, I already had it installed on my PC, but can't find it anymore.. don't know where it went oO
  8. Hello, yesterday I succesfully installed a Trinity Core server and, using this tutorial (http://www.trinitycore.org/f/topic/5667-howto-setup-debugging-enable-edit-and-continue-in-vs-2008/) I wanted to do some debugging. Only problem: Though I set everything up like in the tutorial, I need to recompile every time I change some line of code, even if its something trivial like changing some spell-id in an "case x:"-statement. I've read that there are some problem with this, but those articles linked in the tut doesn't seem to apply to me. I'm using Visual Studio 2010 x86, on a 64-bit Windows 7 Ultimate - machine. The error I'm getting is saying something about "Changes where made that couldn't be compiled" (VS is german so I can't tell you exactly). Any ideas why this can fail?
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