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  1. I cant make warden runs any lua commands no the client Plz how could I solve this?
  2. Hi, thanks for the post, amazing research, I want to make it work here. I did every steps, but the client is not running any lua script. TC_LOG_DEBUG("warden", "%s", stream.str().c_str()); Shows that the request is being send But the Lua code is not running on the client, I've tried: print('Hello World') SendChatMessage('Hello World, 'SAY'') SendAddonMessage('xPcW','e7BeIAPMLTP9','WHISPER','Tester') INSERT INTO `warden_checks` (`id`,`type`,`data`,`str`,`address`,`length`,`result`,`comment`) VALUES (787,139,'',"print('Hello World')",0,0,'',''); What could be wrong?
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