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  1. Ok, after many tests, it's not possible. ONLY way is to modify directly the DB tables: )
  2. I'm always gm off ; Just activate gm to set the mobs. And when it's done, the mob is in red (ex : horde or another ennemy) but i can't attack or select it. (No blade icon). And it's only on few mobs, not all. Usually it's not a problem, change faction id and go fight. But sometimes, i can't attack even if the mob is an ennemy. And when it's ok, the trigger PC/NPC imune is off in database. I just want to know if i can trigger immunity directly in-game.
  3. Yep, i'm on "gm on" ; But that doesn't change nothin'. For alot of mobs, the faction id is enough to fight ; But sometimes, mobs remains on player imune. I know the trigger is in the database, and i just want to know if the flag command in-game can change this state :)
  4. Hey !!! Just a little question : I need a MOB for a quest, spawn it with ".npc add" ; Change its faction id ".npc set factionid" to attack him, but it's not attackable. With ".npc info", i see it's "imune to PC/NPC". Is there a way to use the ".npc set flag" command ingame to make him attackable ? Thx !!!!
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