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  1. Yes, they are. Again, the server wouldn't have probably initialized with wrong .dlls. ‚Äč MYSQL_EXECUTABLE and MYSQL_INCLUDE_DIR was set to 64b version of mysql, changing that fixed my problem, thank you very much!
  2. Yes, everything should be good. I doubt the server would even go that far with .conf.dist files. Here is how it looks:
  3. No idea why my last topic was deleted (moderators could at least send a private message with a reason). Anyway did some more research. My problem is: Whenever I'm trying to run authserver.exe or worldserver.exe, they're crushing with no error after a second (looks exactly as in logs attached to post). However, there is a small chance that they won't crush and they'll start normally. Trying to run servers from cmd (as suggested in some forum faq) results in the following error: Error in config file: cannot open file (authserver.conf) (same goes for worldserver) Should I compile TC in Debug? Is it going to give any extra info? Before you delete this topic again, at least specify the reason, please. Auth.log Server.log
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