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  1. Thank you but if the player leaves early - no info for him. And I'm having a hard time understanding why did you design the log like that in the first place. Its kinda useless this way.
  2. uhm.. you sure you are talking about ArenaTeamMgr ? Because I only find arena team handlers or am I wrong ?
  3. for example void Arena::AddPlayer(Player* player) adds the players THAT ACCEPTED the arena match, but what about the ones that didn't accept the queue prompt ???
  4. No that's not what I was talking about about. I am talking about when you get called to a match. When an arena match starts, not when someone is invited to an arena team
  5. TrinityCore rev. f7758954f7b9
  6. Hey guys, is there a way I can get information about all the players that get called for arena, for example a 2v2 queue is ready and 4 players get called - I wanna know who those 4 are. I'm having a hard time since the build in logger only logs players that are INSIDE THE ARENA THE MOMENT IT FINISHES and nothing about the other players. Talking about void Arena::EndBattleground(uint32 winner) and more specifically for (auto const& i : GetPlayers())
  7. looked through DBErrors, Server and Auth log - nothing .. made a few arenas with op's configurations, still nothing related in the logs.. not even db write error
  8. No one knows how to log to db ?