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  1. Arena queue

    Thank you but if the player leaves early - no info for him. And I'm having a hard time understanding why did you design the log like that in the first place. Its kinda useless this way.
  2. Arena queue

    uhm.. you sure you are talking about ArenaTeamMgr ? Because I only find arena team handlers or am I wrong ?
  3. Arena queue

    for example void Arena::AddPlayer(Player* player) adds the players THAT ACCEPTED the arena match, but what about the ones that didn't accept the queue prompt ???
  4. Arena queue

    No that's not what I was talking about about. I am talking about when you get called to a match. When an arena match starts, not when someone is invited to an arena team
  5. Arena queue

    TrinityCore rev. f7758954f7b9
  6. Arena queue

    Hey guys, is there a way I can get information about all the players that get called for arena, for example a 2v2 queue is ready and 4 players get called - I wanna know who those 4 are. I'm having a hard time since the build in logger only logs players that are INSIDE THE ARENA THE MOMENT IT FINISHES and nothing about the other players. Talking about void Arena::EndBattleground(uint32 winner) and more specifically for (auto const& i : GetPlayers())
  7. [3.3.5a] Logger and Appender question

    looked through DBErrors, Server and Auth log - nothing .. made a few arenas with op's configurations, still nothing related in the logs.. not even db write error
  8. [3.3.5a] Logger and Appender question

    No one knows how to log to db ?