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  1. Thanks a lot! Now it's working again.... don't know why there is not included automatically because in earlier Compilings i did'nt edit these lines. But... who cares. Now it works. THanks a lot again
  2. Sorry for my late response. No it's still not working. Did it like you wrote by manually import the sqls but now i get: "Didn't find executeable mysql binary at 'D:/BUILD_TrinityCore/bin/Release' or in path, correct the path in the *.conf ("Updates.MySqlCLIPath")." Only by setting Updates.EnableDatabases = 0 (from 1) it seems to work but is this correct?
  3. No more ideas anyone? 2 Weeks ago all worked like charm ... can't understand. I will try now with mysql 5.5
  4. What do you mean exactly? Beginning with a new core compiling again or what do you mean with "you can reload bases". (MySQL TDB_full.... i just downloaded this morning) Will try later and inform you if it worked Edit: So tried to fix privileges but didn't help. Also startet at point 0 recompiled, sql reinstallation ... same problem.
  5. Hey guys, i wanted to setup a complete fresh core and worked with the wiki Tutorial (not my first TC-Compiling!). Compiling did work like charm but setting up the DB is probably. As i said i used fresh data and compiled core. But anytime i start worldserver.exe for creating the new databases i get an permission error. I already tested to create manually DB's with the same Login Data as in worldserver.conf and it did work, but anytime im doing it with the worldserver.exe i get the following error. I already readed many threads where the same error appeared but nothing did help. Could it be that the core itself has a problem, cause 2 or 3 weeks ago there was no problem. Any ideas out there? (It's my first time im posting here sorry if i put it in the wrong place) Server.log
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