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  1. I'm not sure how this exactly helps me, I just want to remove the Null values (Put them into proper terms, I can only do it with the NUL part, but not the others) the reason I need these values in proper terms (Readable) is so I can allow people to fully connect. I heard having it in .wtf form fixes it but its always in .frm and when changing it using the command prompt or just editing the file type it does not fix the values, just how the file itself appears ( .wtf instead of .frm)
  2. So, I am asking here because it is about the realmlist. So when I open the realmlist it has a bunch of Null values that are incomprehensible and also the realmlist file is in .frm form. Any fix? Here's the link for what the file looks like. I just need to see something comprehensible for this so I can change it. No one but me can log in because of it.
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