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  1. So I have gotten everything working for my trinitycore server until now. My problem is that when I open wow_Patched it won't start. I have tried opening wow-64_Patched but the realm is incompatible. When I try to start wow_ Patched it gives me the error The CAS system was unable to initialize: ClientHandler: initialization error: failed fetching the CDN configuration file tact::ClientHandler::Create failed: E_NOT_AVAILABLE [20160922T17:33:09] {199c}INF:Got bade content response : id=5, path= /tpr/wow/config/e0/27/e02762b486f1611bded7ad275c6e7457 length = 175 [20160922T17:33:09] {199c} WRN: [HzCj:5] Req hndl error (COMP So then I looked up the issue and couldn't find anything so then I tried patching it again but instead of working it says this Creating patched binary... Determined build number: 22624 Win32 client... patching Portal Found offset 10990640 patching redirect RSA Modulus Found offset 10505944 patching BNet certificate file location Found offset 10955784 patching BNet certificate file to load from local path instead of CASC EX: unable to find pattern An error occurred. Press ENTER to continue Anyone know how to fix this?
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