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  1. Haha hey! What a coincidence, weren't you in the IRC too just now? ;-)
  2. So, uh, yeah. I'm the new guy.... Hi ;-) I guess this is the part where I do the little intro.. Old school WoW player. 2004-2012. Clan leader. Daily for at least 5 hours back then. Programmer since 8yrs old. Not too bad at it. Software company since 2006. Dutch. Nope, dont smoke weed. No red light district (southy) Started playing WoW again a week ago with a group of friends, we talked about it a lot. Now just going for it. Found and used cMangos, quickly changed to Trinity. 3 cats, 1 girlfriend, 0 kids, -1 inspiration for this introduction. So uh, yeah... Hi ;-)
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