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  1. Gameobject (Entry: 216060 GoType: 0) have data1=5773300 but lock (Id: 5773300) not found. GameObject (Entry: 215030 GoType: 8) have data0=5756392 but SpellFocus (Id: 5756392) not exist. GameObject (Entry: 253458 GoType: 10) have data7=6279 but PageText (Entry 6279) not exist. Gameobject (Entry: 249852 GoType: 22) have data0=200499 but Spell (Entry 200499) not exist. The spell 57933 listed in `spell_group` does not exist The spell 33873 listed in `spell_learn_spell` learning non-existing spell 47180. The spell 24905 listed in `spell_proc_event` does not exist. The spell 3361
  2. how to edit .db2 file ?which tool ? what's the name of the tool? i have dbc editor ,but it can't open db2 file
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